A contract of trust honouring excellence!

Unique Concept is a reputed kitchen designer in Mauritius offering quality services matching your desires, be it for the conception, installation and layout of your kitchen, or to maintain it optimally.

In order to assist its customers with its impeccable service, flawless support and attention to detail, in addition to a wide range of quality products from renowned brands, Unique Concept today unveils its contract of trust: an unprecedented tool for a guaranteed satisfaction!

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A delightful customer experience

This agreement, co-signed by Unique Concept and the customer for each new assignment, can be summed up in four core areas. Indeed, through this contract, the company promises to offer quality, sustainability, genuine expertise and an outstanding service.

When a client opts for a reputable company like Unique Concept, it is because he or she is expecting a delightful and valuable experience, meeting his or her demands accordingly. These policies of Unique Concept not only reassure customers on this aspect but also consolidates the company’s commitment.

“We are convinced that a humane approach, combining expertise and quality products is the key to a successful project. For this reason, we are committed to support our customers as best we can, and bring them complete satisfaction, ” emphasises Rodolphe Grimal, co-director of Unique Concept.

Entrust your project to Unique Concept

As a trusted company, Unique Concept listens to you, advises you and supports you in carrying out your project, from A to Z!

Thanks to its partnership with several international brands, renowned for their robustness and aesthetics, you shall benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty on the products represented by Unique Concept.

Furthermore, the kitchen designer can also help you sustain your kitchen. Convinced that the delivery of a kitchen should not characterise the end of a project, they also offer maintenance services, as well as long-term monitoring, in order to maximise the lifespan of any kitchen.

As an ode to excellence, Unique Concept offers its seasoned know-how to meet the demands of its customers. For this, a 360 support was introduced, starting from the design of your kitchen, until the after-sales service, including the choice of household appliances with partners at preferential rates.

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Reassuring factors, endorsed by a contract for your peace of mind!


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T : (+230) 660 0017 

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