The AFD and Business Mauritius commit to preserving biodiversity

With its “hotspots” known throughout the world for its concentration of endemic plant and animal species, Mauritius has a rich biodiversity.  The latter is today constrained by its demography, economy and industrial activities, not to mention the effects of global warming.

Within the framework of the Biodiversity Day organised on 27 February 2020, France wished to support, through the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), the “Public Policy and Citizen Dialogue on Biodiversity” project in Mauritius, in partnership with Business Mauritius. This support takes the form of a French grant of €125,000. The Mauritian company Rogers is associated with the project through an additional grant of €75,000.

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Two studies, conducted in parallel on the Mascarene Plateau by the NGO Océanyka and in the indigenous forests and mangroves by the University of Mauritius, will help characterise the Plateau’s rich biodiversity and quantify carbon sequestration in the forests, while determining the ecosystem services provided by oceans and mangroves.

Thanks to the mobilisation of three of the seven scientific researchers from the UMR PVBMT –bringing together teams from the University of Réunion island and the CIRAD– efficient cooperation with Reunion island will be established in the framework of this latest study on native forests and mangroves, the results of which will benefit both the studied ecosystems and Mauritian, who are the first victims of the changes undergone.

The aim of this ambitious project is to establish a dialogue on biodiversity between all stakeholders –political decision-makers, the private sector, civil society, journalists, scientists, parliamentarians, etc.– in order to feed into government decisions and contribute to the development of open processes of public policy dialogue. The awareness and involvement of citizens and public authorities throughout the project are also crucial to its success.