Air Seychelles: Committed to reducing carbon footprint with flying colours

The protection of the environment and inducing sustainability… Green is the new trendy colour showcased by Air Seychelles, the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles. Embracing once again its full-fledged environment-friendly philosophy, the company has announced, in the framework of its corporate social responsibility programme, its reinforced commitment towards the reduction of carbon emissions. A great news for all travellers and nature lovers!

Environmental initiatives, not a new concept for Air Seychelles

 Eco-responsibility is part and parcel of the airline’s global policy. For instance, it has already invested in a series of electric equipment to reduce fuel dependency in its ground operations.

And last August, the arrival of the new Airbus A320neo aircraft has brought the company to a new dimension. After 111 flights during its first month of operation across the airline’s network, the new engine option aircraft has generated, on average, 20% fuel savings per flight. Nothing better to uphold the environmental initiatives of the airline.

Air Seychelles A320neo Luxury Indian Ocean

Moreover, the improvement in fuel consumption, influenced by the lightweight composite structure of the aircraft, has also been enabled by the large fuel-saving wingtip known as sharklets. Powered by the new generation LEAP-1A engine from CFM International, the Airbus A320neo produces approximately 50% reduced noise footprint and nitrogen oxides (N0x) compared to the fleet of Airbus A320ceo (current engine option) aircraft. The maximum noise produced by the new aircraft is can be compared that of a heavy truck loader passing at a five-meter distance in the city traffic.

As Remco Althuis, Chief Executive Officer of Air Seychelles, states: “The aviation industry worldwide is under considerable pressure over the issue of carbon emissions and its impact on climate change. As fuel and emissions are two key factors that impact the global environment, at Air Seychelles we remain committed to contributing towards the sustainable development, by conducting business in an economically and responsible manner.”

“To ensure that the airline develops sustainably, we will continue to explore ways to implement ecological measures across the business, to improve and safeguard the environment where the airline operates.”

So, flying Air Seychelles is unquestionably a leap into saving the planet!


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