Cap Business Indian Ocean pledges to support project leaders

To mark the International Start-up Day, Cap Business Indian Ocean renewed its commitment to support innovative project leaders.

An incubation programme – “Investing in sustainable tourism and the blue economy” – has been launched in December 2021, for start-ups and young entrepreneurs in the region. This initiative, implemented with the support of the Representation of the International Organisation of the Francophonie for the Indian Ocean (REPOI), provides beneficiaries from the six islands of the region with online training, coaching and mentoring sessions.

Exposure of start-ups abroad

The second stage, which began last February, brings together seven start-ups, all of which have innovative solutions. In rethinking aquaculture and maritime transport, these young entrepreneurs are responding to the issues faced by our island territories, such as food security and the impact of climate change on ecosystems, among others. These training and coaching sessions aim to help consolidate their business model, improve their products and services, and finally, give them the tools to empower their search for financing.

“Vectors of innovation and creativity, start-ups are now called upon to play a key role in the economic transition towards more sustainable and resilient models. Cap Business Indian Ocean is conscious of this need and is working on the implementation of various initiatives to support them and participate in the creation of a favourable ecosystem for their development”, says Virginie Lauret, Executive Director of Cap Business Indian Ocean.

Leveraging technical expertise

The association will progressively strengthen its capacity to mobilise the necessary technical expertise at regional level to assist entrepreneurs in setting up their projects.

Initiatives will be funded to increase the visibility of start-ups abroad so they can showcase their products and skills. In 2019, 18 entrepreneurs from the regional essential oils cluster had the opportunity to participate in the Cosmetic 360 trade show in Paris.