ENL Group shapes its REAL leaders

Everyone has the potential to become a leader as leadership can be learned and improved. One of the beliefs of ENL is that REAL (Resilience, Empathy and Authenticity for Effective Leadership) is a tailor-made training programme for the group’s leaders.

Sponsored by Hector Espitalier-Noël, CEO of the group, this programme aims to enable each participant to be better equipped to face the challenges of today’s leader while having the necessary hindsight to work on their areas of improvement. The programme seeks to highlight the core values of ENL as a leader.

Conducted over 11 months by the Leadership Academy at the Charles Telfair Campus, REAL’s objective is to strengthen the leadership of the group’s team leaders.

Unique opportunity

“REAL is evidence of the group’s ambition to support its team and business leaders in their management roles. I strongly encourage each participant in the programme to get personally involved, as this will define their experience and the impact the programme will have on them. This is a unique opportunity for everyone to take a step back and grow further,” said Hector Espitalier-Noël.

Two days per month are dedicated to face-to-face training, which is intended to be experiential, with facilitators who are recognised in their respective fields. It is a platform for exchanging and learning from each other.

“REAL fits perfectly with ENLʼs strategic plan to develop the attributes and capabilities of our current and future leaders,” says Lailesh Sidaya, Talent and HR Project Manager at ENL.

The programme has been designed by the group’s human resources team to enable participants to aspire to be one step closer to the typical leader they themselves would like to follow.