ENL unveils its first Marketing Excellence Awards laureates

The best marketers have received the praises of their peers on 8th of March last at the ENL Marketing Excellence Awards. The first Marketing laureates have been honoured for their work and professionalism in the group.

Moka Marketing Excellence Awards ENL luxury mauritius 1
Hector Espitalier-Noël, CEO from ENL with Laurent Bourelly Head of Marketing at ENL CS and Karine Curé Chief Marketing and Communication Executive at Rogers as well as the Moka team,
constituted by Raphaëlle Lamusse and Sandra Requin, which has been elected Marketer of the year as and has received 3 other prizes (Branding, Market Research and Event)
The best Marketers

The Marketing Excellence Awards has emphasized the leading role of Marketers in the outreach of ENL products and services among consumers. 80 portfolios – pertaining to campaigns launched in 2017 – have been sorted out and assessed by an independent jury, composed of professionals including Aisha Allee (founder of Blast Communication Agency), Virginie Villeneuve ( Head of Strategy & Market Research at Kantar TNS), Helder Filipe (director of Redhouse McCann agency and vice-president of the Association of Communication Agencies), Florent Beusse (artist and director of Atoba), Ravin Lama (organiser of  Brand Magic Summit) and Arnaud Segura (director of M&Co agency).

Heritage Telfair Marketing Excellence Awards ENL luxury mauritius 2
Florent Beusse (left.), artist and director of Atoba, giving their prizes to Candice Yon and Mathiew de Spéville of Heritage Le Telfair in the category Design

For Laurent Bourelly, Head of Marketing at ENL and the project initiator,

«These ENL Marketing Excellence Awards fit the group’s policy of promoting innovative and performant spirits amidst companies. With the success of this first issue, we will transform it into an inescapable event for our partners and for the progress of marketing as a whole».

ENL Marketing Excellence Awards ENL luxury mauritius 3
For the Porlwi by Nature campaign, ENL team with Jean-Paul Hennequin, Sanjana Jhumun, Olivier Jolicoeur and Eva de Speville rewarded in E-Marketing
Team work first

The awards have been granted to teams and not only to individuals. Thus, the work done by the participating teams have been submitted online in 8 categories: Branding, Design, TV Advertising, Print Advertising, Digital, E-Marketing, Event and Market Research. During the prize-giving ceremony, the Marketer of the Year, an acknowledgement granted to the worthiest and more efficient team, has been proclaimed: the Moka Smart City team. This Team, constituted by Raphaëlle Lamusse, Sandra Requin and Samuel de Gersigny, has also won 3 other trophies in the Branding, Market Research and Event categories.

Heritage Villas Valriche Marketing Excellence Awards ENL luxury mauritius 4
Mikaël Le Luron, Bénédicte de Comarmond and Pamela Marie of Heritage Villas Valriche have won the first prize in the TV Advertising category

The 2018 laureates of the ENL Marketing Excellence Awards :

Branding : Moka (Raphaëlle Lamusse, Sandra Requin, Samuel de Gersigny)

Design : Héritage Le Telfair (Candice Yon, Mathiew de Spéville)

Market Research : Moka (Raphaëlle Lamusse, Vasheela Naeck-Duljeet, Laurent Bourelly)

Print Advertising : Grewals (Sandrine Maingard, Bénédicte de Comarmond)

Event : Moka Trail (Raphaëlle Lamusse, Sandra Requin)

Digital : Heritage Resorts (Christophe Harelle, Shailendra Chuttoor, Candice Yon)

E-marketing : ENL (Shyama Soondur, Sanjana Jhumun, Eva de Spéville, Olivier Jolicoeur, Jean-Paul Hennequin)

TV Advertising : Héritage Villas Valriche (Mikaël Le Luron, Bénédicte de Comarmond, Sandrine de Spéville, Pamela Marie)

Marketer of the Year : Moka (Raphaëlle Lamusse, Sandra Requin, Samuel de Gersigny)