Leal: a responsible industry, for a greener island

Through its positive measures for a greener Mauritius, Leal, a key player in the Mauritian automotive market, proves to us that it is a responsible group, contributing to an environmental society.

High-end electric cars

Launched on our island in 1970 ( first established in Rose Hill, and then in Pailles since 1980), Leal has built up a strong reputation in the automotive sector. It possesses a prestigious catalogue: BMW, MINI, Renault, Kia, Mitsubishi and also GWM, all exclusively distributed by Leal on the Mauritian market. A name certainly riding the crest of a wave. In 2015, Leal sold 1818 new vehicles in Mauritius and 694 on the island of Reunion. An excellent result for the group occupying first spot in sales in Mauritius.

Over the last few years, Leal has been active in a new way: environmental protection. In 2015, the group took a decisive step with the introduction of the first hybrid and electric cars from BMW (the i3 and i8) on the Mauritian market. These models which are both eco-friendly and economically advantageous, have won the World Green Car award during the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show and has also been named Car of the Year by the British magazine Top Gear. These green cars do not fail to catch the eye in this market still in its infancy. Leal is actively engaged in raising awareness and in the development of this promising market. They have, for example, installed the first quick-recharge terminal at the Total gas station in Belle Vue.

After this successful launch on our island, and with a population becoming increasingly aware of its environment as well as clients who want to give meaning to their purchases, Leal is planning to commercialise other PHEV models (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), such as BMW’s 3-series and X5, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV or even the MINI Countryman PHEV. Positive initiatives which are in line with the new goal of the group: the promotion of green energies in Mauritius. Leal, as an ardent environmental activist, pursues its laudable mission outside the automotive industry.

‘The reduction of CO2 emissions and the protection of the environment are now part of the firm’s DNA’ confirms Eric Leal, the CEO.

Renewable Energy Expanding

Leal Energie which is particularly active represents the fruit of a collaboration with local entrepreneurs. It already positions itself as one of the leaders of renewable power generation with the increase in the installation of photovoltaic systems across Mauritius. Leal Energie is a huge hit with nearly 190 photovoltaic installations (electricity produced from solar energy) designed for companies, schools, NGOs, commercial entities or even individuals scattered all over Mauritius and Rodrigues. The increase in the demand for photovoltaic systems confirms the trend: Mauritius is opening up to alternative energy solutions, and this is just the beginning.

The group’s positive actions are numerous, and Leal’s ecological footprint is ever decreasing. An approach which particularly stood out from the crowd was the opening of Kia’s environment-friendly showroom in Pailles in 2013. Equipped with a photovoltaic system installed by Leal’s branch, this green showroom can continue its activities at night with the energy generated by the sun during the day. An attractive concept perfectly adapted to our island with future ambitions of being applied to other sites. Giving meaning to its engagements, while multiplying positive initiatives … with Leal, renewable energy has a bright future ahead!