Le Nénuphar, a new co-working venue in Curepipe

A few new events have been transforming Curepipe since last year. After the success of the charming S’mall & Chic concept store and the modern So’Flo shopping mall, a new venue is now open: Le Nénuphar. The cosy and contemporary-designed co-working space, on the first floor of Arcades Currimjee, has been inaugurated in January 2018.

Time for a brainstorming session in Curepipe?

The town of Curepipe – which hosts some centuries-old historical buildings – has refurbished one of them. Le Nénuphar is nestled in one of them, the historical Arcades Currimjee, on a surface area of 1000 m2. Devoted to the employees of its eponymous group, it facilitates several business activities: meetings, brainstorming sessions, training courses, staff’s induction and informal meetings.

Currimjee group is on a corporate move and yearns to nurture a sense of belonging. The new open space area is meant to be convenient for the group companies’ employees who have to work in the centre of the island. Part of the group’s rebranding strategy, this co-working space can be booked by phone. It encompasses the following facilities: meeting room, eating space, lounge, co-working area and an on-going exhibition on the history of the group. 

The decor, a core element

Corporate and family spirit lies everywhere, even in the decor and design crafted by architect Salim Currimjee in partnership with Marianne Caradec, Communication Manager of Currimjee Jeewanee & Co Ltd. Local know-how is showcased with great taste and a sharp sense of aesthetics!

«Our intention was to create an area which personifies our brand, our vision, our values, which could tell our story and our future. An area where one could experience our products and brands in an open space area used as a hub for sharing, and formal and informal meetings, and which clearly targets the nurturing and growth of the Group’s unity”, comments Marianne Caradec.

Le Nénuphar Currimjee luxury mauritius 3

The very name Nénuphar belongs to the group’s history. Its founder left the state of Gujarat in India on a vessel called Le Nénuphar to settled down in Port-Louis in 1884. From the initial small food retail shop in Louis Pasteur street, the group now boasts several companies throughout the island in seven sectors (including telecommunication, mass media, tourism and financial services).