Rebranding the company to Spice up your life: AXYS Leasing becomes Spice Finance

Find the odd one : AXYS Investment Partners, AXYS Stockbroking, NWT Mauritius, AXYS Corporate Advisory and… SPICE Finance ! Other than drawing our attention by using an oxymoron, the logo of  Spice Finance is eye-catching. Red and White! Here we go… Let’s learn about the company!

In the professional world of finance, in which dwells the AXYS group on two axes (national and international), a spicy wind is shaking up the establishment. Axys Leasing has become Spice Finance. Rebranding has brought a refreshing tone to a 13-year old company: “younger, more dynamic, a greater accessibility to the clients, closer to you”, confirms the newly-appointed CEO, Vikash Tulsidas. Sitting next to the Business Development Manager, Patrick Selvon, he elaborates on the new strategy of this full subsidiary of the AXYS Group.

Case study: Does the rebranding also involve a change in the very structure and the pillars of the company? It is not the case here: the shareholders are the same, the managers have responded to the call, and the team is the same…. What has changed, of course, is the image. A new identity is created with a motivated Team, of around 30 members, to promote the two major products: leasing and fixed deposits, both levelling at fixed and floating rates but tailor-made. We are in the kitchen of the finance world where each client receives a menu designed according to his/her needs. You don’t want to go to the head office? Spice Finance is also specialised into home services and an adviser will bring his/her expertise to your place. The service will soon be available online. Spice Finance also emphasises on its personalized service in spite of the herculean task:  7 500 active clients (and those to come) and already 160 files treated per month. Professionalism is already present and the 2017 end of year statement rises up to 3.4 billions.

However, while aiming at spicing up your everyday life and helping private clients achieve their dreams with the purchase of a car (Spice your drive) or a boat, for instance, and  helping start-ups acquire hardwares and softwares, Spice Finance does not sacrifice quality nor encroach on ethics though it ensures the processing of a case within an hour. Being a key stakeholder on the finance market, and having strong business ties with Kenya, Dubai, South Africa, Hong Kong or Switzerland, AXYS is deemed to promote a responsible financing policy.

The rebranding has been nurtured during one year with the collaboration of the company’s marketing department and the expertise of local advertising experts. They came out with a 100% mauritian image consisting of a bright red logo as the cornerstone. The latter brings dynamism and means to be “more vibrant, more present on the market”. Spice Finance aims at the traditional private and corporate clients of all ages, at the local and international levels, while keeping in its line of sight the “young emerging market”. Agreed upon by Oxo Conseil & Communication, which supervised the rebranding, the logo had to be neither “too young” nor “too serious”. The idea is that the finance sector is here to spice up our life!

Luxury Mauritius will follow this new era carefully!

axys leasing spice finance mauritius Spice’s new showroom at Caudan.