Flying high with an eco-friendly philosophy

2019 comes to an end with a positive momentum for Air Seychelles. With its ongoing thrust to uphold the ecological cause, it is now taking to a new level with the reduction of waste on board its jet fleet aircraft.

Air Seychelles Business Class Cabin Luxury Indian Ocean

An airline company committed to a green identity

Air Seychelles has strategically opted for the implementation of a new pre-plating concept in its Business Class cabin, specifically on its Bombay and Johannesburg routes. Besides enabling the airline to maintain a sustainable service offering on its aircraft, the new concept will also substantially reduce the total waste collected on board with total weight savings of around 50 kgs in plastic and aluminium.

To match its long-term CSR programme, it now focuses on sustainable efforts to gradually introduce new initiatives to tackle waste. And the archipelago nation’s airline will keep on reviewing its product and services to identify opportunities to introduce alternative elements further to decrease the use of aluminium and plastic items throughout its operations.

Remco Althuis, Chief Executive Officer of Air Seychelles said:

“Globally airlines are being pressured to reduce their cabin waste as well as the use of plastic on board their aircraft and at Air Seychelles we are doing every effort to introduce new initiatives including service procedures company-wide not only to increase efficiencies but to also ensure that airline operates sustainably.”

Air Seychelles Luxury Indian Ocean 2
A long-term green haul

At Air Seychelles, the importance of reducing environmental footprint is a prerogative, leading the company to constantly evaluate the way it conducts business to identify areas where it can implement eco-friendly measures. After its investment in electric equipment with the target to slow down the use of fuel throughout its ground operations, Air Seychelles has started, in 2019, to likewise tackle means to save fuel on its new Airbus A320neo. Each flight now showcases the new technologies at the level of the engine and the light composite structure of the plane. And to better prepare its 2020 flights with a sustainable philosophy, the airline company is leveraging on its eco-compatible reduction of waste on its flights.  

 There is still a long way to go for the national company of the Republic of the Seychelles – which was launched in 1978 and is now a key partner of Etihad… but it is without any doubt heading towards the right direction for a greener planet.

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