Get the best out of your data

Data is everywhere. Even more so with the prevalence of computers and smartphones, that has spurred what we call the digital transformation. Recognising data’s potential long ago, Philippe Fabing set out to establish Sagis, one of Reunion’s leading Marketing and Business Data Analysis companies.

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence… What’s the difference?

Big Data refers to the large volumes of data that have outgrown simple databases, like Excel spreadsheets or companies’ internal IT systems. It can come in structured or unstructured forms, from internal or external sources like Loyalty Programs, Twitter feeds, images, text messages, audio files… Data has intrinsic value. But unless you don’t analyse it, that value cannot be unearthed. Enter Business Intelligence (BI). BI refers to the technologies and practices used to collect, transform, report and visualise data in order to make more informed business decisions. Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics are fields that extend well beyond BI: they sift through mountains of data to extract insightful trends and patterns—which can help in better anticipating and predicting future outcomes. What is the core of Sagis’ business?

What is the core of Sagis’ business?

Since our beginnings as a Marketing researcher and, later, a Customer Service centre in Reunion Island 20 years ago, Sagis has grown into a Marketing and Business Intelligence consultancy. We specialise in three activities: Digital Transformation, Relationship Marketing and Business Intelligence. The thread that connects them is an emphasis on data, and how to use it to create value. What differentiates us is our triple expertise: we merge traditional and digital marketing, data management and customer relationship management to boost performance. A one-stop-shop for all your Big Data needs, supported by a combination of Marketing specialists and Data scientists. Take Amazon. Their success stems from their ability to master the core of their business—logistics. They have leveraged digital, data and customer service to transform their company into the behemoth it is today. Similarly, Sagis aims to strengthen those same areas of improvement for our clients, in the public or the private sector.

What are common mistakes companies make when it comes to data?

Businesses often fall into two traps that hinder their performance. The first is the collection of random data. Having a sea of irrelevant data is as detrimental as not having enough data—you will eventually drown in it. The challenge lies in collecting quality data from the right sources and defining your goal from the onset. Big data can be overwhelming, and without a targeted strategy, it doesn’t serve much purpose. As the saying goes: garbage in, garbage out. The second mistake is underestimating the value of your data. Many companies aren’t aware they are sitting on a goldmine, trapped in silos or outdated systems of analysis. Ignoring data is a pity, and misusing it is even more regrettable.

Is there potential for Mauritian companies?

Absolutely. All companies in all industries and all countries can benefit from data. It can help them improve their internal organisation, satisfy clients and citizens, and increase their revenue. Better information means better decision-making. Having decades of experience in Reunion, and some in Mauritius, Madagascar and Mayotte, we understand the importance of taking into account each country’s specificities before offering any solutions. We aren’t here to sell ‘products.’ Sagis provides solutions, even if it means adapting to your existing BI softwares or infrastructure. We even go further than that—we accompany our clients in transforming decisions into results in the Marketing and Sales fields.