A great green initiative, led by Business Mauritius

The first edition of the Open Days of Renewable Energies was held on the 26th of February… An eco-responsible and socio-economic initiative, stemmed from the “SigneNatir” pact of Business Mauritius. Overview.

Getting more youngsters interested in renewable energies

Through the pact SigneNatir, Business Mauritius supports companies in committing to a better eco-energetic transition. Likewise, the Open Days of Renewable Energy aim to educate young people and interest them in careers involving the use of renewable energy.

With the help of these open days, Business Mauritius focuses on raising awareness and training young people in the fields of biomass, solar thermal and photovoltaic, wind power, or even sustainable mobility and positive energy buildings. While several companies involved in the pact are mobilising to present their work onsite, Business Mauritius takes care of all the logistics behind, looking for sponsors and requesting the participation of schools, colleges and universities.

As part of a call for projects for economic and ecological recovery COVID-19, Business Mauritius has proposed to the British High Commission to finance the first edition of the Open Days. Thanks to this grant, 30 students in Electrical Engineering from Université des Mascareignes were able to visit the photovoltaic farm of Solitude and discuss with the GreenYellow team.

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The visit went on in the offices of the engineering firm Ecoasis, in Highlands. There, the students were able to learn about all the required studies regarding renewable energy installations and energy efficiency in industrial processes, as well as construction.

By travelling in a 100% electric bus from the RHT group, the students were also able to realise the importance of a clean and green mode of mobility, powered by solar energy.