Long Beach and Valtur partnership to flourish

What a bright end to the year for Sunlife! The group closed the 2022 chapter with a most exclusive partnership between Long Beach and the prestigious Valtur brand. Last December, the flagship of the coast welcomed its first guests from the leader in the Italian and international holiday tourism sector.

This partnership between Valtur and Sunlife was an obvious choice. Sharing the same values, the same philosophy, and the same buzzword “top-of-the-range services and luxury suites”, these two leading tourism companies are unveiling a unique offer: holidays based on freedom, leisure, pleasure, sustainability, identity, lifestyle and well-being.

Valtur, a brand known worldwide for its holiday format aimed at an eminently international clientele, is the perfect ally for the Long Beach, renowned in the world of luxury for its excellence in welcoming guests, its architecture, its quality spa treatments and its magnificent view over the east coast of Belle-Mare from its 255 spacious rooms and suites.

Sustainable development

Valtur is also known for its commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection. Surely green values that the Sunlife hotel group shares with conviction. For example, Long Beach has its own coral breeding programme, carried out in an innovative way in a land-based nursery. The hotel also has a vegetable garden with several varieties of vegetables and herbs. The hotel also has a vegetable garden with several varieties of vegetables and herbs, thus offering its guests a unique gastronomy “from the garden to the table”.

If Valtur was charmed by the Long Beach, it is also for the commitment of all Sunlife hotels to increase the local supply of fruit and vegetables. Similarly, through its energy efficiency programme, the running water in its four establishments is heated using sustainable energy sources, while 90% of its lighting is LED.