The MCB, committed to the environment!

Can a bank have a positive impact on the environment? It’s a question that Mauritius’ leading bank has asked itself. As the pioneer in the banking sector, it now encourages its clients to actively engage in change.

Having already introduced environmentally-friendly measures, the MCB has committed to be an active player in the promotion of sustainable development. Rather than just giving financial support to NGOs, it now sets an example through concrete and original initiatives to protect the environment more broadly.

Luxury Indian Ocean MCB 1

Alain Law Min, Chief Executive Officer – MCB, & Tim Taylor, President of Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

Preserving biodiversity

Last May the MCB launched “Your card for change”. Through this campaign, 10 cents are given to the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation for every transaction done with an MCB debit card, thereby involving customers directly at the heart of this green movement. “This partnership is something else”, as Alain Law Min, MCB’s CEO, explains, “as it’s not simply a matter of sponsoring projects but rather real involvement on our part and also that of our customers”. The partnership also includes financial support to Mauritian Wildlife’s conservation programmes to the tune of five million rupees over a three-year period. It is to help ensure the survival of four of the island’s endemic species – the echo parakeet, the pink pigeon, the Gunther’s gecko and the Round Island boa.

Conservation of the natural environment

The Group also supports the restoration of two and a half acres at Ebony Forest, which aims to restore one of the island’s indigenous forest areas. MCB has also helped create fun educational kits and a film to encourage younger visitors to take part in the work being done in this forest.

Contributing to recycling

The MCB has introduced debit cards that are biodegradable. The manufacture of these cards requires 80% less plastic than those currently in circulation and they are able to decompose in twelve months if ever they are thrown away. The project is part of MCB’s partnership with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, whose logo is also featured on the cards.

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Promoting environmental responsibility amongst young people

To create awareness amongst youngsters about endemic species and their role in our ecosystem, holders of Rupys accounts are invited to visit Ile aux Aigrettes with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.
These are just some of the measures that accompany the bank’s activities as part of its programme for positive and lasting change, Success Beyond Numbers.