“Our priority has always been local employment with local collaborators”

… So says Eric Leal, CEO of Leal Group. As Leal Group takes over the distribution of Diageo’s brands through a new company, Leal Distribution Reunion, starting from July 1st 2022, the Group has set up a strategic committee composed of Eric Leal, Yousouf Rehmally, Daniel d’Arifat, Jean-Noel Lennon and Philippe-Alexandre Rebboah, General Manager of Leal Reunion, to manage this new entity.

” The expansion of our business in Reunion Island is no mere coincidence. We decided to expand with activities that we already mastered in Mauritius. Our priority has always been local employment with local collaborators. During the build-up of our dealership, we also had confidence in Reunion Island partners. Our development in Reunion is with, and for, the local people,” he says.

Favouring local teams

For many years Leal Group has been supplying Diageo Group products in Mauritius through its subsidiary, PNL.

“Once again, our development in this new sector in Reunion Island is in line with the Group’s policy. We are not going into new territory. The partners who have trusted us in Mauritius offer us new opportunities for expansion in businesses we are familiar with. We comply with our commitment values within the Reunion economy by favouring local teams,” says Philippe-Alexandre Rebboah.

This new entity intends to rely on local skills by taking over all existing employees. It aims to create jobs by relocating administrative and financial positions to Reunion Island, which were outsourced until now.

Leal Group has been established in Reunion Island for 16 years through iShop, a distributor of Apple products. Since 2006, this business has expanded from a single outlet to six by 2022 with a team of 30 employees.

Diageo Réunion has been operating in Réunion for over twenty years.