Restoring the authenticity of Mauritius as a luxury destination

Breathe new life into the luxury market on the island… This is the challenge that two stakeholders of this same market have set to themselves.

In line with its strategy as a developer of prestigious real estate, MJ Développement has joined forces with Phoenix Hotel Management Company, a major stakeholder in the luxury hotel industry in France, in order to “restore the authenticity of Mauritius as a luxury destination”.

The two new partners wish to promote another kind of luxury tourism by highlighting Mauritian know-how and local products. In the same breath, they seek to redefine high-end concierge services in Mauritius with a strategy based on a human scale where the natural beauty of the landscape, the excellence of the cuisine and the subtlety of the services interplay in perfect harmony.

A master of fine dining

“It is an honour to work with Phoenix Hotel Management Company, which is a reference in the luxury hotel industry in France. Thierry Naidu, for whom luxury is at the core of his heart, is an ideal partner with whom we share common values. Through this agreement, we also wish to encourage members of the Mauritian diaspora to return to their country of origin to put their skills and expertise at the service of their country of origin,” says Michael Ruel, President of MJ Development Group.

This partnership aims to restore the authenticity of Mauritius as a luxury destination by combining its know-how and hospitality.

Phoenix Hotel Management Company, founded and managed by the Mauritian Thierry Naidu, has successfully developed exceptional hotels around the world, including the Chèvre d’Or in Èze, France. He has spent his life in the heart of French fine dining.

“I am delighted to be working with MJ Développement on luxury projects in Mauritius and we look forward to creating unforgettable experiences together for future guests. I was eager to return to my native island to offer my experience and skills in luxury hospitality. I thank MJ Development for this opportunity”, says Thierry Naidu.