Reunion island: Cluster Green opts for circular economy in 2019

It’s kick-off time, and the launch of Cluster Green’s action plan is a success. Introduced through its general assembly, the organisation has come up with a positive statement looking back on a rich and productive year, but also by presenting an agenda of upcoming projects. Bright news for sustainable development in Reunion island.

A successful retrospective

An overview of the past year witnessed the rise of the Efficience label developed by Cluster Green. Two main projects have allowed the organisation to shine, highlighting its mission and adherents. One of them, the “Forum Régional des éco-entreprises” which aims at gathering the specialised stakeholders of various key sectors for ecology, namely waste processing and renewable energy, has gathered 44 exhibitors, and almost 800 visitors, encouraging a change of ideas to innovate towards a greener approach.

Sandrino Ramanitrarivo Christiane Albert et Stéphanie Cavalié du Cluster GREEN Luxury Indian Ocean

As General Manager Christiane Albert has explained, “Reunion island holds the righ transformative elements: the makers, the on field workers, the ones who make the grass grow and care for the soil for plantations. Accompanied by Cluster GREEN, which favours the sharing of experience, this community of actors has managed to federate and structure itself to develop a resilience which will in the future be that of the territory”.

A promising agenda

Their new favourite topic: the Efficience label. It represents a comprehensive approach to sustainable development which surpasses a monist approach of ecology by linking it to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  and Qualité de Vie au Travail (QVT) (or standard of living at work). An innovative idea which establishes Cluster Green as a true pioneer in the Indian Ocean region.

“As facilitators, we will undertake permanent actions to strengthen the relationship with and between our adherents”, has stated the new Company relations task officer Stéphanie Cavalié, adding that boosting communication is part of the organisation’s project.

Le président Frédéric Foucque Cluster GREEN Luxury Mauritius

A fuller calendar to consolidate an already dynamic network has also been announced by new Development task officer, Sandrino Ramanitrarivo. The Cluster therefore foresees regular encounters with its partners in the coming months through discovery breakfasts and theme-oriented workshops focused on the Efficience label, but also work groups for the setup of demonstrations or even afterwork events focused on social topics.