A new board for the Association of Communication Agencies

A new year has come with a new start for the Association of Communication Agencies of Mauritius (ACA)! A new board has been elected for 2018-2019 at the annual general assembly held in the Conference room of Sands Suites Resort & Spa, in Flic-en-Flac, on 15th March 2018.

The official ACA agencies-members, represented by their respective directors, have elected the new board. Among the voters, who have chosen Helder de Oliveira Filipe, Director of Redhouse McCANN as the new head of the executive committee, were Vincent Montocchio, Vino Sookloll, Florent Beusse, Stephane Chasteau De Balyon, Helder de Oliveira Filipe, Pria Thacoor, Laurent Montaigne, Rama Poonoosamy, Rakesh Gaju, Ranjana Foogooa, Aisha Allee, Michel Demari and Cyril Palan.

The freshly elected president of the ACA Mauritius board, Helder de Oliveira Filipe, has underlined his commitment to the promotion of jobs in the fields of communication, advertising and events management.

It is an honour to have been elected as the new President of the ACA, to serve our profession for the good of our industry, our clients and in turn of our economy. In the simplest of terms, we are in the Ideation industry, a profession which is responsible for the creation and sustainability of Brands, and the entrusted collaborators of our Clients’ marketing departments. As such the foundation of our ACA is not only to drive the quality and the evolution of Ideas, but also to continually improve the level of collaboration with our clients. We have a serious role in the Marketing mix as solver of challenges and a responsibility to always behave and deliver with honesty, it is about standards and perfection. It will be our duty as a new Executive Committee on the one hand to ensure that there is continuity in the work which has already been started by the previous Committee and on the other hand to work closely with each other ensuring that our decisions and policies take our profession ever higher.”


HELDER FILIPE (002) luxury mauritius The new ACA board president, Helder de Oliveira Filipe

The new executive committee members
  •          President: Helder de Oliveira Filipe (Redhouse Ltd)
  •          Vice-president: Stephane Chasteau De Balyon (Capgraph Ltd)
  •          Secretary: Ranjana Foogooa (Sphere Media Technologies Co. Ltd)
  •          Assistant-secratary: Florent Beusse (Atoba Ltd)
  •          Treasurer: Vincent Montocchio (Circus Advertising Ltd)
  •          Assistant-treasurer: Laurent Montaigne (Extension Interactive Ltd)
The other members

Eshan Ostoor (Advoice Advertising Services Ltd)

Oswald Tsang Mang Kin (Artline Ltd)

Aisha Allee (Blast PR & Events Ltd)

Vino Sookloll (Cread Co. Ltd)

Michel Demari (Esokia Web Agency Ltd)

Sonia Ozoux (FRCI Ltd)

Rakesh Gaju (Hubway Ltd)

Rama Poonoosamy (Immedia Co. Ltd)

Cyril Palan (Logos Publicity Limited)

Géraldine Neubert (Maurice Publicité Limited)

Hans Puttur (Orange Communications Mauritius Limited)

Pria Thacoor (P&P Link Co. Ltd)

Hugo Pierre (Silversquare Ltd)