The US Embassy will be hosted by the Smart City of Moka

It is in the heart of a booming Smart City that the Embassy of the United States in Mauritius has chosen to settle. Bordering the M1 motorway, on ​​47,600 m2 of land, a new multi-building complex will welcome and accommodate the staff of the US Embassy. A promising investment for the future of Mauritius!

Aerial image of the site where the American embassy will be located.

A symbolic gesture, a lasting commitment

The acquisition of this plot of land confirms the commitment of the United States towards the island. Indeed, with this symbolic gesture, the US government is pledging its engagement for years to come. David Reimer, American Ambassador has stated that the purchase of these lands is a strong message which the US Government is sending to the people of Mauritius, reflecting a long-term partnership. The United States and Mauritius have a solid economic and security relationship, and this new embassy offers an ideal platform to strengthen this cooperation.

Ambassade des Etats Unis Moka Smart City Luxury Indian Ocean 3 In the foreground from left to right: Son. Excellency David Reimer, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary U.S. Embassy and Hector Espitalier-Noël, Chief Executive Officer of the ENL Group, at the signature in the second plan Me. Bernard D’Hotman De Villiers, Notary Public Bernard d’Hotman de Villiers

Excellent news for Mauritius

By providing more than $ 250 million in the planning, design and construction of this new embassy, ​​the US government will greatly contribute to employment in the region and to local businesses in the future. Excellent news for the Mauritian economy!

Furthermore, the new premises will be strategically located–not far from the Bagatelle shopping centre and less than an hour from the capital and Ebene. Already in full expansion, this region shall host even more development projects, hence promoting additional businesses and jobs.

“We have been discussing with the Embassy since 2014. During these years, its representatives have witnessed the growing popularity of Bagatelle and are convinced of the consistency of this investment. We share a common desire to build in a sustainable manner and to create a long-term vision which will benefit the country”, confides Thierry Rey, Business Development Director of ENL Property.

 height= From left to right: Thierry Rey, Business Development Director of ENL Property, Hector Espitalier-Noël, Managing Director of the ENL Group, Son. Excellency David Reimer – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States Embassy, and Johan Pilot, Managing Director of ENL Property

The new embassy will be a modern and secure space with a focus on sustainable development. It will be energy efficient and will use the latest technologies and viable approaches while respecting the environment and local resources. 

Combining architecture, design and sustainable vision, this large-scale project represents the stability of bilateral relations between the United States and Mauritius.