Work in Beau Plan!

It’s a fact: Our expectations for the workplace are changing. The Strand, designed by Novaterra, is the exclusive, new lakeside office space at Beau Plan, which is set to match the revolution. Come take a look.

What if productivity could go hand in hand with well-being?

This is a firmly held belief for Novaterra, the developer of Beau Plan. Their vision is a ground-breaking creative response to the new expectations around the workplace since the last few years. In other words, their ambition is to make Beau Plan a destination which is as practical as it is pleasant.
With The Strand, Novaterra envisions a lot more than ordinary offices: an inspiring venue that integrates all the services, allowing each person to experience and appreciate their daily lives in a more relaxed way. With a construction that started in 2021 and a targeted delivery date for the end of the year, the commercialisation (sale and rental) of the project is progressing at a steady pace. Among its future occupants? Architects Studio, the designers of these contemporary and elegant offices, chose to open their ‘Luxury Villas by Architects Studio’ concept.

A unique environment, which perfectly matches a good corporate image.

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When the office becomes a destination

Refined architecture paired with a light-filled environment, an Edge certification for sustainable development, and a whole host of unique assets. The Strand thinks big! The common cafeteria, the recreational areas, the unique boutique gym, the Health Bar or the art gallery, with its ephemeral exhibitions, are an invitation to be inspired… to thrive.

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Located in the Lakeside District of Beau Plan, the vibrant heart of the town, its offices benefit from a stunning view over the lake. An inspiring setting for peaceful walks during the day, the lake transforms into a captivating field of lights at night, with hundreds of glowing solar jars. The “Champs des Lumières” is a signature piece of art.

A few steps away is the Mahogany Shopping Promenade, with its shops, cafes and restaurants and the town in the background. The natural surroundings, its pedestrian areas and its convivial atmosphere draws us towards a more laid-back and authentic lifestyle. From shopping to recreational activities, from meetings to sporting activities, everything is close by in order to bring together work life commitments and personal needs. A unique environment, which perfectly matches a good corporate image.

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Work in Beau Plan

This concept is inspired by the core strengths of Beau Plan. Using this philosophy, the ambition of Novaterra is to create working environments which stimulate emotions, to help companies strengthen their teams by creating a sense of purpose.

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 “By choosing Beau Plan, you are making employee well-being the core strength of your company, whilst creating value for the company”, explains Joël Couve de Murville, Head of Sales & Marketing at Novaterra. The Strand, along with other upcoming commercial developments in the Business District, notably showrooms and offices, will transform the region into a dynamic business hub. A project which won’t fail to provide a new vision of the North and redefine the desirability of the region.

Novaterra, a developer which keeps all its promises

Within 3 years, Beau Plan has already marketed two zones of residential plots, a built-up project, developed a shopping centre along with a whole range of recreational and educational facilities. More projects are yet to come, and they will further add to the dynamism of the environment where recreational activities, work, education and well-being are brought together. Some notable examples are the Padel Tennis Centre at Mon Rocher, infrastructure works in the neighbouring village of Bois Rouge, the development of its creative offering and the implementation of its Business District. Stay tuned!

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