Immerse in the world of arts

For those gifted with an artistic soul but who struggle to make the most of it, unlock your potential as an artist and step beyond it… Your imagination will soar to new horizons!

How? Well, by participating in the annual Moka Smart City visual arts exhibition. The exhibition, entitled ‘81406 at Les Fascines’, held at Vivéa Business Park, is an opportunity for local artists to be exposed to new talent and inspired to pursue their passion for art through this event. This move is in line with the Rezidan project, launched in 2022, aiming to bring art to the forefront of the Mokassian scene.

Workshops and idea-sharing sessions are open to all, with no need to register, to stimulate the fascinating creativity of emerging artists and encourage them to explore their imaginations to the full.

Luxury Indian Ocean Les Fascines Ashna Crustna
© Art by Ashna Crustna
Émergence’s six artists

 ” We are thrilled to announce this very exciting and unique visual arts exhibit that spotlights the talent and creativity of emerging artists. This event is another demonstration of Moka’s Smart City’s commitment to supporting and promoting culture and arts in our community,” says Mathieu Pigeot, Arts and Culture Manager of Moka’s Smart City

This cultural event, held in collaboration with Imaaya Gallery, Oficea and ENL Group, presents the creations of six artists from the ‘Emergence’ programme, including Meekshuma Nayeck (painting, sculpture), Palvishee Jeewon (painting, embroidery), Ashna Crustna (watercolour), Mademoiselle Sara (illustration), Cendrine Bolaram (painting) and Meha Desai (photography).

The exhibition, which has free admission, is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 3pm and Saturday from 10am to 12pm.  The works exhibited at Imaaya are also available for sale.