A new international consecration for the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

Last December, the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) has been greeted among a new international coalition. Already a member of UICN, of Botanical Gardens Conservation International, of Alliance for Zero Extinction, it is now the turn of Executive board of BirdLife International – the largest nature protection network – to promote it as a new partner for the Republic of Mauritius.

Mauritian WildLife Foundation Luxury Indian Ocean Echo Parakeet
What is BirdLife International?

BirdLife International is a worldwide NGO coalition working for the protection of birds, of the environment and the world’s biodiversity. Its core belief is that the key to the preservation of the biodiversity is the work carried by local organisations towards environmental commitments in their own country, while being part of the international network. Today, BirdLife International groups 121 partners, one from each territory or country.

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How is a partner selected ? 

The process of selection is a very strict one, based on a series of preset criteria: practices within the organisation, community commitments and sensitizing, and  fieldwork, among others.

Mauritian WildLife Foundation Luxury Indian Ocean Pink Pigeon

«We have been working hard for several years to become a partner. It’s an acknowledgement of the actions we have taken and this will help us make them more significant. Thanks to the BirdLife International network, we can now collaborate further with experts and follow updates in the field», has stated Deborah de Chazal, Executive Director of MWF.

Mauritian WildLife Foundation Luxury Indian Ocean Rodrigues Warbler
Rodrigues Warbler. Photo credit: Jacques de Speville

Even before its affiliation to BirdLife in 2013, the MWF had strong ties for decades. As from the end of the 1970s, the MWF has provided data on birds and important protection zones of the Republic of Mauritius, in the framework of the red list of the “Union International de la Conservation de la Nature” (UICN).

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Vikash Tatayah, Conservation Director at MWF has explained, «Using a rigorous scientific approach, following the feedback from fieldwork projects, BirdLife International has been able to successfully implement several preservation programmes. Its unique approach, from local towards global, has a considerable impact and endurable advantages regarding the preservation of biodiversity».