AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open 2019 under the aegis of ecology

An exquisite eco-friendly initiative is unfolding at Heritage Golf Club! And it is nurtured in the midst of the fifth edition of the AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open, held, once more at Heritage Bel Ombre

From the 5th to the 8th of December 2019, the public will not solely attend one of the major golf competitions on the island, but will as well partake in a green celebration held on the golf course and throughout the whole event. This insightful initiative has been launched by the event’s sponsor, Rogers, and Heritage Resorts, the organiser, to match the hotel group’s strategy, focused on sustainable development and the protection of our natural heritage. Several green initiatives carried out in the wake of the event foster this ecological commitment. 

Enticing eco-friendly gestures 

As every small step matters when it comes to protecting and respecting the environment, the event will encompass a series of eco-friendly components. 

  • Food wastage will be, first of all, taken care of during the tournament through such measures as live cooking in the VIP Lounge with the aim to avoid useless food storage. Surplus food will be collected afterwards by social company FoodWise and redistributed to the needy ones.  


  • While bamboo cutlery will be used instead of plastic items, suppliers have also been informed: the goods delivered should not contain plastic packaging!


  • Extra bins have been placed in the region and on the Heritage Golf Club course. Among them, 3 Fish Bins (one on the golf course and two in the tournament village). They will be used as a pedagogical tool by Rogers to trigger waste sorting and sensitize the public on the negative impact of plastic and micro-plastic waste on our oceans.


  • As for the Environmentally Conscious Golfer charter, it will involve the participants of the tournament in the eco-responsible concept. They will, henceforth, protect the environment with special attention to natural habitats and micro-habitats which are favourable to biodiversity along the course, as well as avoid dumping waste, and choose single-use and packaged products.


  • Jaguar has also partnered and the players’ transfers will be carried out with 100% electric vehicles !


  • Sustainability being one of the key values here, the Rogers Capital and Heritage Resorts team has invited around 40 teenagers to attend this prestigious tournament and participate in a golf clinic, to better involve a diversified public in this sports activity .

Everything is on for an event where golfers and nature lovers will have a great blast!