Anba Pie, firmly planted in the Creative Park of Beau Plan!

Promoting local crafts, art and music. This is the main vocation of Anba Pie, an ‘exclusively’ inclusive event where the artist is at the heart of the project. Created in February 2021, this festival has once again found its grounds in the Creative Park in Beau Plan.

On 24, 26 and 27 November, the general public was able to discover the extent of the talent and know-how of local craftsmen, creators and artists in an idyllic setting under century-old trees.

Anba Pie is a concept around which art, crafts, gastronomy and music are perfectly blended, shared, discovered and experienced. A unique place where know-how is used to stage and reinvent Mauritian heritage.

 “The Creative Park is our cradle of creativity. For us, art is essential and it is important to take advantage of every opportunity we are given to enhance and promote it,” says Emeric Vigier de Latour, Communications Manager at Novaterra.

A place for sharing

Besides promoting crafts and art, this festival was also an opportunity to discover ephemeral restaurants while enjoying the talents of local artists. A great musical line-up, including Anonym, Anne Ga, Sayaa, etc., was set up for the greatest joy of young and old.

“We worked hard to offer the public a unique event in terms of its authenticity and uniqueness. We wanted to create a place for sharing and discovering know-how and cultures, allowing the Mauritian heritage to be highlighted,” explains Naomi Bestel from Wheel&Barrow.

Tout un programme été au rendez-vous : ambiance soirée Letan Lontan, Nwel Anba Pie où on avait découvert ou redécouvert les artistes, artisans et commerçants locaux ainsi que  Kass enn poz Anba Pie, avec des ateliers centrés sur le bien-être.