Exclusive furnishings inspired by nature

An exquisite ode to mother nature inside your home. With the desire to reconnect people with nature, Cedric Lincoln, Director of Cypraea, has co-created the concept behind the brand with Italian architect Francesco Maria Messina. The brand bedecks interior living spaces to help aesthetes luxuriate in a tropical atmosphere thanks to nifty pieces of furniture. Beyond the bounds of a mere furniture brand, Cypraea entails a philosophy whereby one marvels at the wonders of nature crafted by local artisans.

Francesco Maria Messina (Designer) & Cedric Lincoln (General Manager) Cypraea Luxury Indian Ocean Francesco Maria Messina (Designer) & Cedric Lincoln (General Manager)

Treasure designers

Born with the desire to create awareness about the aesthetics of the natural world, Cypraea aims at becoming the first ambassador of Mauritian luxury style, showcasing and selling unique furniture overseas. 

By promoting our island via authentic original designs blended with the wonders of nature, Cypraea has quickly become a reference in the milieu of art exhibition. While the first capsule of 19 pieces was exposed in Italy during the Fuori Salone on the Milan Design Week 2019, others have been showcased at Galleria Rossana Orlandi Porto Cervo, in Sardinia, and even at MINT Gally in London during the London Design Festival 2019. As part of the Cypraea philosophy, only 9 units of these incredible pieces of art are available worldwide

Mangrovia Bronze Low Table Set Cypraea Luxury Indian Ocean Mangrovia Bronze Low Table Set

Francesco Maria Messina’s architectural approach to design and his humanist background allowed him to create the current Cypraea collection, which does not follow conventional design standards. Instead, it aims at stimulating curiosity through its surprise elements, features of each individual piece.

Francesco’s fresh design ideas, combined with Cedric’s experience in the domain, have helped create a brand with a strong conceptual identity, bound to the elements of Mauritius. It is thanks to extensive research, necessary to fully understand the true identity of the Island-Nation, that Cypraea was able to accurately depict its roots through its first collection.

Aqua Bar Cube Silver 2 Cypraea Luxury Indian Ocean Aqua Bar Cube Silver

Elegant furniture with a Mauritian soul

Inspired by the Mauritian fauna and flora and designed by Francesco Maria Messina, Cypraea stems from the desire to trigger emotions through authentic designs inspirited by the wonders of nature. The Cypraea collection celebrates Mauritius’ scenery, using quality materials gifted from mother nature: solid wenge, walnut wood, lava and coral stones directly selected from quarries, sand, premium leather, solid bronze, brass and high-quality marbles… Each piece of work echoes the island’s luxuriant nature in a way or another.

Mindful of the island’s environment, the Cypraea collection not only showcases how wonderful these natural treasures are but helps in sustaining them as well. Working in close collaboration with local environmental associations for the preservation of our biodiversity, such as Reef Conservation and Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, the company also pays tribute to its fragility: a percentage of the sales generated by this collection shall fund these associations, helping to perpetuate the island’s natural heritage.

Odyssey 360 Bookshelf Cypraea Luxury Indian Ocean Odyssey 360 Bookshelf

An original concept, an inspiring philosophy and a wonderful way of paying tribute to our natural treasures!

About Mavenci:

Cedric Lincoln is not a newcomer on the market.  With the same partners as in Cypraea, he is also at the head of Mavenci, a Mauritius-based company created in 1974. Established first as a small family business, Mavenci has been supplying furniture and joinery items to luxury hotels and private clients for the past 46 years. To showcase their old craftsmanship heritage, Mavenci is now preparing its own furniture line to be exported worldwide. Unlike Cypraea’s concept which is 100% nature inspired, Mavenci innovates through the use of wood and rare materials to be able to fashion their furniture in a very classy way. Mavenci will also not supply limited editions or signature items.

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