Porlwi by Nature: your not-to-be-missed cultural event is back!

This year, Port-Louis is turning green to be in harmony with Nature. For five days, the long-awaited event, Porlwi by Nature, will disrupt your daily routine with creations, exhibitions and artists who will transform our capital city around a single theme : Nature. It is the time to experience the cultural aura rising from the streets of Port-Louis  as well as from the iconic and historical sites of the island, in line with the 50th anniversary of the independence. Luxury Mauritius will take you around this amazing upcoming project!

Astrid Dalais, Director and Co-founder of the cultural project, Porlwi

“This year, it is Porlwi by Nature that will take root from the city’s streets”, said Astrid Dalais, Director and Co-founder of the cultural project, Porlwi, in her speech during a press conference, held at Co-working, at Port-Louis, the 31st of October.

The City, Man and Nature

Inviting nature in an urban area full of buildings where everybody is always busy… This seems to be bringing together two incoherent concepts. However, the Collectif Porlwi is ready to take up the challenge. The team aims at turning the city into a gigantic area where Man can live between technology and his biological nature. For the past years, Man has been quite reckless towards nature, so this year, the topic was chosen to change our perception towards the environment and our heritage. It is a way to pay tribute to our rich botanical history and our incredible wildlife.

Port-Louis under water – The îlot Citadelle, Underwater

Between creations, works and installations

How to translate these ideas about nature into creations, works and installations that will inspire and make all of us dream? Porlwi will work in partnership with many master minds to create artistic spaces inspired by Nature. The three iconic sites of the city that will be vivified during the festival are: The Citadel, The Granary and its whereabouts, and the Caudan, connected by the Waterfront and Bourbon street. Among these, the Solar Jar Project ( sponsored by the Indian Ocean Commission, European Union, Harel Mallac, PwC and ENL ) and the Granary (that will be transformed with the help of the MCB). Luminous settings, interactive experiences, mural works, street artists, musical notes coming out from the street corners and film screenings… Get prepared to be amazed!

Bourbon Street

The contemporary cultural festival Porlwi by Nature will take place from the 29th of November to the 3rd of December, from 7 p.m to midnight, except from Thursday with a starting time at 8.30 p.m. There will be also interesting talks during the day that will be centred around history, art and nature.

« Vini, vinn Respire, Resanti, Rekonekte. »

(Come, Breathe, Feel, Connect.)

Luxury Mauritius wishes all Mauritians a happy 5-day trip in the capital city.