Porlwi Talk: When our capital city speaks. “Who says identity, says DNA”!

In the wake of the Porlwi by Nature Festival, the first Porlwi Talk was held on Tuesday 17th October at The Ground Co-Working. Being an initiative by IBL Porlwi Lab,  Porlwi Talk is an educational programme focused on the city, Culture and Nature. The topic of the talk being “The DNA of the city”, its scientific aspect was presented by Alexandra Caude, Research Director at Inserm (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research), while the historical aspect was presented by the entertainer Thierry Le Breton, Consultant in Social and Environmental Responsibility. Luxury Mauritius has had the opportunity to participate in the first Porlwi Talk.

Alexandra Caude and Thierry le Breton

This year, the topic of the annual event Porlwi by Light is Nature, from which originates the chosen name, Porlwi by Nature. The event which will be held from the 29th of November to 3rd of December, has two objectives:

  •        encourage Mauritians, especially the younger generation, to promote trade, tools and cultural knowledge through Art
  •        motivate them to engage in artistic and cultural creation

This year, the event will be held during both the day and the evening. Contrarily to the previous editions, Porlwi by Nature is a unique concept that will transform the landmarks of the capital, such as the Caudan Waterfront, the Citadelle, the Grenier and Bourbon street, into micro nature islands. A series of activities, in the form of workshops, talks, and meetings, will be offered by Porlwi Talk. The cultural mediator of the Porlwi association, Daphné Rouillard, has told us:

“We are sponsoring the educational aspect of the festival with a variety of activities before, during and after the event. The topics chosen for the Porlwi Talk, provided by Mauritian and foreign experts are Culture, Urban regeneration and Nature”.

Astrid Dalais-Porlwi Talk-LM Astrid Dalais during the launching of Porlwi Talk

Alexandra Caude also explains that the idea behind the Porlwi Talk, more precisely the topic “The DNA of Porlwi”, is to encourage the sharing of experience and ideas on a common reality among citizens, which is the identity of Port-Louis. Hence, the logical process is to assert that “Who says identity, says DNA”. She emphasizes that Port-Louis is much more than a city with streets and houses since we may also find many small enclaves which are often abandoned or used as parking lots. To Alexandra Caude, the undynamic parts of Port-Louis have an enormous potential and could be brought back to life through cultural, business, residential, religious and medical incentives. Alexandra underlines that the city,

“breathes through the lungs provided by plants and it is therefore important to take into consideration the green areas of Port-Louis”.

AlexandraCaude-ADN-Porlwitalk-LM Alexandra Caude on l’ADN

As for Thierry Le Breton, he explains that the initiative Porlwi Talk and the cycle of activities aim at launching fresh talks on the DNA of Port-Louis. This offers the opportunity to Mauritians to dream of a Port-Louis city they would like to see and to take back their destiny in their own hands. He added that,

“The Porlwi Talk stimulates further reflections on a vision accessible to all, which allows us to perceive Port-Louis as a living organism… Just like the DNA can provide unique characteristics, Port-Louis gives a unique character to the world”.

Supported by IBL, this series of meetings, interactions and sharing opportunities will run until May 2018. The Head of Communication and Public Relations of the IBL group, Aurélie Antoine, added that IBL has “chosen to support the educational aspects of Porlwi by Nature which align with the vision of the IBL Together group, that is to “Create a brighter future for all”. This ambition encompasses the transfer of skills and the training of future generations.”

Luxury Mauritius invites you to use this opportunity to enhance the heritage and wealth of the country by participating in the workshops, and cultural and artistic platforms offered by Porlwi Talk.