Ennri Kums, Henry Koombes: rainbow colour

Everybody knows Ennri Kums but nobody knows it! Behind that name hides Henry Koombes, creator of Tikulu, national hero of paper, whose adventures delight mauritian kids…

As for Ennri Kums, he has been relishing art lovers way before Tikulu…His pictorial adventures started in 1970 in Mauritius and got him to travel the world. He sold his works in Johannesburg, London, Paris and Tokyo…


Is it because he was born on the rainbow island that he lavishes upon us with all these colours? Ennri lives without taboos! Pink, blue, lilac, yellow, green, he dips his paintbrush in all the colours because he likes mixity, chance encounters, unexpected formal connections.



And he doesn’t just delve on the surface. He likes to dig deep, plays with the transparency of sumptuous handmade papers, brush-stroking back and front… Ennri Kums also likes using other materials, like wood and metal. So he drills and polishes to shape the ideal of his colourful dreams. But the primordial material of his works is that of great artists, those who open new ways: freedom!

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