Rose Hill : from darkness to light with simplicity, the Fragments photographic collection

It is a landmark year for the Institut Français de Maurice which is welcoming, during the month of November, the members of the 4th volume of the photographic collection, Fragments. For 10 days, 4 photographers, Karl Ahnee, Stefan Grippon, Magali Paulin and Flavio Tarquinio, have stridden the streets of Rose-Hill with the author Gillian Geneviève (Mauritius) in order to deliver a multifacetted narrative, touching the vernacular, of daily life in this historically-rich town.

The Fragments project, which enables the photographers to view the Indian ocean with a different eye, has started in 2015 in Reunion Island, and has, since then, revamped the regional photography sector. Under the leadership of Pendant ce temps publishing house, which is a leading figure in documentary photography, this project has already had the honour of welcoming prestigious photographers such as Antonio Prianon, Thierry Hoarau and Pierrot Men.

The outcome of this collective work in Rose-Hill will be presented for the first time from the 10th to the 30th of November at the gallery of the Institut Français de Maurice and it will surprise the visitors. The photographers have played on formats, black and white, and colours, as if they were interpreting a musical score, with an infinite variation of tempos. The poet Gillian Geneviève’s words punctuate this visual opera.

Magali Paulin Institut Français Maurice Fragments Luxury Mauritius 4 Magali Paulin – France

Flavio Tarquinio Institut Français Maurice Fragments Luxury Mauritius 2 Flavio Tarquinio – Madagascar

Karl Ahnee Institut Français Maurice Fragments Luxury Mauritius 3 Karl Ahnee – Mauritius

Stefan Grippon Institut Français Maurice Fragments Luxury Mauritius 5 Stephan Grippon – Reunion Island

Gillian Geneviève : ” À l’ombre des magasins aux murs décrépits de la Rue Royale, à Rose-Hill, la mémoire se fait fugace et l’oubli exulte, poreux à l’indifférence des gens et de la pierre lasse de la turpitude des hommes.

 Je croyais que le poète n’oublierait jamais les visages mais je suis un anonyme parmi les anonymes et dans le cahier du jour, je ne saurais énumérer les inconnus aux visages lunatiques et aux regards défaits par les cendres du temps égaré dans ce coin de l’île. “

The exhibition will be held on Thursday the 9th of November as from 6 p.m.  The artists will be present and the prints, in very limited edition, will be on sale as from Thursday at noon, on the collectors’ request.