Zig Ziggurat, Stéphanie Desvaux’s exhibition presented by The Third Dot at the Dock 13

ZIG ZIGGURAT…  This peculiar expression, the very topic of Stéphanie Desvaux’s solo exhibition, will now become a part of your daily life. The artist will take us, not only to the etymological backstage of the Mesopotamian civilization, but also to her Mauritian exhibition where photographs, sculptures, drawings, paintings and installations will be introduced and their stories private explained.  The chosen venue will perfectly fit the Mauritian artist’s bursting imagination. As a matter of fact, the former harbour dock will be revamped, during a few days, into an ephemeral exhibition venue and its architecture will help to bridge the art collection and the exterior environment, while harmoniously bringing out the cultural heritage, originality and modernity. Focus on the backstage of this exhibition which will be introduced by the curation platform, The Third Dot, and under the patronage of  Rogers Capital, which will be held at the Dock 13 in Port-Louis from the 27th of October to the 10th of November.


Born in Mauritius,  in 1969, Stéphanie Desvaux  has received her first camera when she was twelve years old. From the selfmade silver process camera to technological release, Stéphanie’s creations are non exhaustive. Purity being a major incentive , her inspiration is nourished by Jessica Bocus’s work. Stéphanie’s photographic masterpiece then takes two main directions : an industrial one and a poetical haziness. Today, these two worlds are reunited at several levels : in hues, line, associate universes. Stéphanie Desvaux, with the target to decode the ancient, reinterprets the society’s objects, shapes and symbols, which are, in fact, pieces of our own selves, which we perceive no more but which are the witnesses of our common past.

Year 2017 will, thus, be a cornerstone for this solo exhibition whereby the artist will unify and give a concrete dimension to all her years of spent in experimenting and researching. Zig Ziggurat: Zig, for the drastic change, and Ziggurat, a metaphor for the origins, for the religious  edifices of Mesopotamia, for the role in particular, and also for their several terraces. The Dock 13 will host her narrative on three floors.



Alicia Maurel, the co-founder of The Third Dot, explains that the collaboration with Stéphanie goes back to 2015. The artistic and cultural platform has the goal to curate projects, to promote local craftsmanship (putting or rehabilitating ‘slow made’ and handmade work), to provide cultural consulting and finally (today’s topic), to follow artists, to guide them and to represent them locally and on the international level.

For Alicia Maurel and Laetitia Lorre from the The Third Dot, Zig Ziggurat will be an opportunity for the visitors to not only discover Stéphanie Desvaux’s multifaceted artwork but also to see that Mauritian art is progressing, day by day, owing to various talented artists and to those who advise them. As the two curators confide,

« We are happy to see Mauritian artists such as Stéphanie indulging in a lasting research work, in a need to explore unknown territories, to brilliantly give a try to various media. This is where the magic appears, where we  the outlines of a mastered contemporary art work, which will find its way in our lives to become ours, which encourages others to diversify their activities and forecast models of expression, to pair work, to test locally available materials. This is where lies our work’s raison d’être, in order to guide and accompany them further locally as well as internationally».


This exhibition is an opportunity for The Third Dot to once more work in partnership with Rogers Capital, after a first experience in the wake of the collective exhibition, Metaform, in 2016. Acknowledging the urgency to support art and culture in Mauritius, the patron supports the artist and wishes to maintain the partnership with The Third Dot. As underlined by Kabir Ruhee, the CEO of Rogers Capital,

 « Various studies have demonstrated that towns have a higher rate of civic involvement, more social unity, a stronger identity and a reduced criminality and poverty rate. Supporting our artists enables them to secure a bigger audience and to have an  impact on the public. Throughout the world, creative industries are high rocketing, and show surprising results! »


Zig Ziggurat Luxury Mauritius 3


The art works will be for sale during the exhibition period. Art and culture lovers are invited to discover this multifaceted artist’s plural masterpieces at the Dock 13, 13 Albion Docks, le Fanfaron, in Port-Louis. Free entry.

From Monday to Friday : 10 a.m – 5 p.m
Saturday : 10 a.m – 3 p.m