Zig Ziggurat by Stéphanie Desvaux: when simplicity rhymes with beauty

The curation platform, The Third Dot, in partnership with Rogers Capital, has welcomed the Mauritian artist, photograph and designer, Stéphanie Desvaux, for her
Zig Ziggurat exhibitionStéphanies main aim has been to bring a new perspective everydays little things… a representation of what is unseen through art. The industrial style and poetry cohabit in the old dock of the Port-Louis harbour. Among photographs, sculptures, fixtures, drawings and paintings, the multi-faceted artist reveals her creations which tell her life story.

Discover her displayed artworks on three platforms designed as a ziggurat – a Mesopotamian building made up of several layers.

These little details of everyday life that speak to us

“I pay close attention to the little things of my everyday life that no one sees anymore”, has confided Stéphanie.  

Here, things we would not even think about at the start are photographed by her ! She tells a story of the past, unique moments that marked her life forever and which she wanted to capture for eternity. On the first platform of the ziggurat, her photos are displayed : simple roof tiles, a boat on a river and even an explosion of colours from the small streets of Mauritius, Rodrigues and India.

Having been raised in a similar environment, Stéphanie had chosen these three multicultural countries which she feels close to.  Genuine but also tenacious in her approach, she brings the spotlight on everything that is usually left behind and makes them more discernible. Her minimalist style photos are full of soft and dynamic colours. The light as well as the framing of the pictures are thought out to match the decor.  

Structured as Mesopotamian temples

Stéphanie Desvaux were inspired from Mesopotamia, an ancient civilization craddled by the Tigris and Euphrates. The ziggurat, one among the several Mesopotamian  edifices, is a building consisting of many terraces whose name means “the most exalted”.

On the second platform of the dock, the sculptures and drawings of the artist have found their place in a multiple-century stone décor. The forgotten temples of Mesopotamia are recalled through a kaleidoscope of epithets: noble, precious, elegant as well as divine. The ancient tradition is present in the shapes forms of the ceramic sculptures, inspired by pyramids, spheres and other geometrical forms, which are emblematic of the era.

Up the ziggurat

Finally, the most intimate work of the artist can be found on the last platform of the ziggurat: the oil paintings. Oscillating between the abstract and the figurative, the paintings are a magnificent mixture of colours, sometimes deep bright sometimes very light, to represent the hidden secrets of her soul.

Stéphanie presents her perception of life through her creations.  Luxury Mauritius has mostly appreciated her re-adaptation of the world to tell us about the story of her life, from which the episodes and experiences have been transformed into works of art.