Authentic and exclusive local culinary journey

If you are a gourmet looking to enjoy the authentic taste of local ingredients, La Table Créole at Le Chamarel restaurant promises an exclusive voyage of pleasure, with exceptional delicacies to be savoured.

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The Chamarel sits at an altitude of 260 metres, and it is one of the very few restaurants to combine authentic Mauritian cuisine with the exquisite scenery of the island’s southwest coast. Wesley Ittoo, the new chef, is on a mission to redefine traditional Mauritian cuisine.

He designed recipes using local products, both exotic and simple, but mostly filled with the most wonderful experiences through an efficient service in line with the proverbial Mauritian hospitality.

Thus, a delectable four-course menu is offered. The menu presents the classic samoussas, chilli and arouille bites as appetisers, a Creole salad filled with hearts of palm from Chamarel, marinated shrimps and mango sauce as starters, and salmi of boar pig from Bel Ombre, deer dry curry from Case Noyale and Mauritian-style chicken and shrimp curry served as main courses.

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Fine food

“The arrival of Chef Wesley is the start of a new era in offering authentic Creole cuisine at the restaurant. Our updated menu proposes much more tasteful and more refined courses, both in terms of preparation and presentation”, says Gilbert Duvergé, Operations Manager Inland Activities at Rogers Hospitality.

Le Chamarel operates from Monday to Sunday, from 9am to 4pm, and it also has desserts that are designed to reflect the country’s culinary traditions: caramelised banana crumble with cinnamon ice cream, or a selection of exotic sorbets (coconut, mango, lemon) with tamarind coulis.