Azuri, the newest golf destination on the north-east coast

Set against a turquoise lagoon, Azuri village will soon count on a new jewel: a superb 9-hole golf course. This new infrastructure adds up to the already exceptional offers available in this truy idyllic setting.

What do you think of a 90 min golf match? Thanks to its new 9-hole golf course, this is Azuri’s latest offer. Sketched in the midst of the up and coming residential neighborhood of Azuri Rive Droite, this golf course will be one of a kind, as it offers a par-3 on the island.

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A green for all players

Designed for amateurs as well as experimented players, this course is in total osmosis with its environment. Each player has three starting options for the tee. Each category- professionals, accustomed players and ladies- has its tee box.

With this new infrastructure, the village of Azuri positions itself as the ideal spot for those who are passionate about golfing, but short of time, as a golf mach there will only last about an hour and a half. This is ideal for a moment of recreation, or discovering the sport during precious family time.

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A unique course

Putting forward the beauty of the region, and making the best of the existing topography, this course has nothing to envy of the other 18-hole courses of the island. Indeed, irrespective of what the player seeks: challenge or technique, this course is equipped to fulfill all exigencies. With four holes on a slope, and next to the river, each hit needs to be carefully tackled. This 9-hole course is the sole par-3 signature on the island, just in time for Azuri to add a personal pinch of innovation.

Thanks to this course, designed to fit international standards, Azuri village confirms that it is still a trendy destination, enticing its occupants with a dolce vita lifestyle on the north east coast of the island. By completing its range of activities with a golf course, Azuri hones in on its varied offer featuring chic restaurants, a fitness and spa center, tennis courts, shops, as well as a well-equipped nautical club.

2018.08.02 Azuri luxury mauritius

This new concept can only delight the residents of Azuri. Lovers of nature, most of them are also golf lovers. This new infrastructure, which will ensure the development of these “green” spaces, adds in all the more value to this high-end real estate project. Designed by IMG, one of the best golf course creators of the world, the management of this course has been entrusted to Green Sun Management, a company which is already known for the management and upkeep of golf courses.