Beachcomber Dinarobin: Live the dolce vita at Il Gusto restaurant

Italy’s fine cuisine lovers will be delighted by restaurant Il Gusto of Beachcomber Dinarobin hotel. Having won three times in a row the title of “Best Hotel Chains” at the Italia Travel Awards, the Beachcomber hotels are a benchmark for Italian gastronomy. A new landmark is that Il Gusto has hosted, with two renowned Italian Chefs, including Tony Lo Coco and Nino Graziano, a culinary event on the 11th of January 2019. They were accompanied by Guillaume Bregeat, Executive Chefs of Beachcomber Dinarobin and his brigade. An opportunity to discover this exceptional restaurant!

Mediterranean traditional cuisine honoured by Il Gusto

Bordered by ponds, Il Gusto restaurant proposes mainly typical dishes of Italy. Painted in warm shades of paprika, it is a place where you can feel like in the Mediterranean region. To enjoy an exquisite dinner, you have the choice between an indoor or outdoor setting which are two distinct spaces. Inside the restaurant, the atmosphere is luxurious and chic with a contemporary decor while the outside shows a more exotic style with its wooden deck.

Il Gusto offers the exceptional fusion between Mauritius and Sicily. Known for its exceptional cuisine, Sicily is a place where Italian traditions are mixed with various cuisines of the world. In addition, Il Gusto offers a fine collection of wines from Italy to better relish the meal.

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A unique encounter between two exceptional islands

The Beachcomber hotels have always shone in gastronomy, thanks to many of their restaurants, each being more exceptional than the other. As Serena Coda, from Beachcomber Hotels Italy, underlined during the meeting between the Sicilians and Mauritian leaders,

«Il Gusto is the ideal place to bring together local products (including of the local products and other local dishes) and traditional Italian and Sicilian dishes reinterpreted by two Sicilian chefs star in the Michelin guide. Two unique and wonderful islands have come together in the kitchen”.