Petrusmok, mauritian literature to madness

Julien Glannes introduces this pleasing but bizarrely named cultural area to Luxury Mauritius !

“Ever since the Indigo Group took over of the Hennessy Park Hotel in 2011, the hotel has adopted an approach aimed at promoting Mauritian culture and arts.”

Thee manager of the Hennessy Park Hotel, Julien Glannes, is the man behind the Petrusmok project. If the hotel has already earned a reputation in the heart of the new and vibrant Ebene City, its library has only just begun to arouse curiosity. A small and cosy boudoir lled with Mauritian treasures. Petrusmok is the rst library to o er books exclusively written by Mauritian authors or about Mauritius. A highly commendable initiative but with a very strange name! Petrusmok? Just like the name of one of the novels of Malcolm de Chazal, a monument of Mauritian literature. A masterful book about how the mysteries of the universe and life are engraved in the mountains and boulders of Mauritius. Upon entering the library of the Hennessy Park Hotel, you will come across an original copy of Petrusmok dating back to 1951 (i.e. the date of its publication) and signed by Malcolm de Chazal.

 mauritian literature

“ This book is part of the Mauritian heritage,” enthuses Julien Glannes.

 mauritian literature Julien Glannes unveils his masterpiece, to be relished without reserve.


This library abounds with the work of talented Mauritian writers (and there are plenty!), from the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2008, Jean-Marie Le Clézio (who came in person to visit the library) to the great Ananda Devi, Nathacha Appanah and Shenaz Patel, including the poet Khal Torabully, the famous Alain Gordon-Gentil, and even the current President of the Republic, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim. A total of more than 200 books in French, English and Creole, from the 19th century to the present day are made available to the public. Following in the footsteps of the pioneer L’Atelier, located in Port-Louis, the library regularly organises literary events hosted by the journalist, Finlay Salesse. What a great way to establish local and international loyalty with an audience who is increasingly seduced by Mauritian literature.