Christmas market in the midst of “Les Ruines de Balaclava”

In the wake of 2018 Christmas celebrations, an exclusive Christmas market was organised by and the events creation company Prodalex Ltd on the 16th of December. The historical site “Les Ruines de Balaclava” of  Château Mon Désir have been chosen to host the fun activities and friendly moments.

Expats and Mauritians have welcomed the event

The afternoon has thus been the opportunity for newcomers, expatriates already on the island and locals to spend a privileged moment together. The topic was of course that of Christmas and has given way to a friendly encounter with a touch of cosmopolitanism.  

On the occasion, 12 exhibitors have presented their products which had everything to attract the market dwellers – from craftsmanship to fashion products , ‘Made in Mauritius’. As for children, they have been treated to a series of activities – poney trips as well as face-painting sessions. 

Catering-wise, Chef Rakesh Munoruth from Château Mon Désir has delighted the guests with selected delicacies, while the official partner of the event, Porsche, has showcased luxury cars, even proposing visitors to try them. 

A Wish tree has also been set for the donation project of NGO SAFIRE (Service d’Accompagnement, de Formation, d’Insertion et de Réhabilitation de l’Enfant). Participants have willingly left gifts or money to be offered to 30 poor children living in the streets. 

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