Congratulations to Jarmo Sandelin, winner of the MCB Tour Championship 2019

The 9th edition of the MCB Tour Championship has come to an end, prompting the victory of Swedish Jarmo Sandelin in this first-rate golf competition. Indeed, 48 amateur and professional golfers have strolled the green of the outstanding Legend golf course at Constance Belle Mare Plage. Sponsored by the Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf group and the MCB, this event which highlights the Indian Ocean has once again brought Mauritius to the forefront of the international scene and the Staysure Tour.

MCB Tour Championship Constance Luxury Indian Ocean From left to right – Phillip Price, winner of the John Jacobs Trophy, and Jarmo Sandelin – Winner of the MCB Tour Championship 2019

A well-deserved victory

Jarmo Sandelin can be proud of his journey throughout this 9th edition of the MCB Tour Championship. The winner of the third stage of the Indian Ocean Swing has signed a 65 over 18 hole card, 12 strokes under par. While the last golfer’s victory occurred in 2001, he states that he has been training tirelessly for the past 18 years so as to relive the intense emotions of winning… Fond of Mauritius, Jarmo Sandelin shall put his title back into play in 2020. He is very grateful to the sponsors and organisers of the competition, who made this edition a great success!

The Indian Ocean Swing Trophy

As for South African James Kingston, he has inscribed his name down in the history of this 2019 edition by winning the Indian Ocean Swing. As a matter of fact, the Indian Ocean Swing trophy rewards the player who has scored the most points during the three stages of the MCB Tour Championship. The tournament started in Madagascar on the 27th of November, followed by the Lemuria golf course in Seychelles, before ending in Mauritius.

Great people on the Legend green

This 2019 edition has brought together the greatest of the discipline. Peter Baker, Barry Lane, Paul Lawrie and Clark Dennis, to name a few, have moved many aficionados of the little white ball… And it is Wales-native Philip Price who has won the John Jacob Trophy. Jean-Jacques Vallet, CEO of the Constance group, has congratulated the winners and participants in this edition and is delighted to welcome again in 2020 these golfers who fill our hearts with hopes and dreams.