Constance Hotels and Resorts through Paul Choy’s lens

View everything from a new perspective; that of art. It is world known photographer Paul Choy’s strength. He challenged himself to capture the best of hotel group Constance Hotels and Resorts.

Touring Indian Ocean islands since the 26th of may, the famous photo documentalist  Paul Choy has made it a mission to immortalize Constance Hotels & Resorts’ dreamy destinations with an authentic charm, and the welcoming faces without whom this welcoming family with a sense of service could not shine.

Discovery goals

Set with his handy Fujifilm X Series cameras, the photographer will go on an adventurous journey in these locations on a quest to gather the best, and most original clichés. His goal? Capture the setting and its soul, seize the momentum that is visiting one of these sites, and portray what it means to work in one of Constance group’s luxurious properties. Entitled ‘True by Nature’, the project will be unveiled at the end of 2018.  

Pure artistry

More than a simple man with a camera, Paul Choy is an artist. He even got noticed thanks to his unmatched clichés in the most competitive medium of of all: the social network. This is how the word started to spread on Facebook, as his pictures rose to internet fame a few years ago. He then started his first project in Mauritius by photographing ordinary people with unforgettable faces, as well as local celebrities.

The man and the humanist

The essence of his fascination? The human being. This is how the photograph even hosted a Ted X talk entitled “exploring humanity”, or what he does through his art. One could easily understand the reason of his choice to explore the realm of hospitality. This sector is, after all, essentially based on human relationships, sensory experience, and the sense of service and welcome.  

The fact that Constance Hotels and Resorts has been chosen for this experiment is almost as clear. This group deeply cares about the human being and his growth. After its sensitization campaign for biodiversity, the group promotes art by accepting this new and promising collaboration.

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