Constance Prince Maurice: Preserving the ecosystem of the mangrove swamps

An awareness day dedicated to the mangrove ecosystem… Constance Prince Maurice has shared it with employees and the general public. In line with the International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem, adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO since 2015, and observed on 26th of July each year, various activities have been proposed…

Constace Prince Maurice Luxury Indian Ocean b

Picture taken on the Constance Prince Maurice barachois

Why should the mangrove ecosystem be preserved?

The mangrove ecosystem is of vital importance. It absorbs large amounts of carbon, protects the inland regions, acts as a buffer zone against floods and is a bulwark against erosion. Henceforth, its protection, conservation and, above all, restoration are prerogatives. Djaved Fareed, Environment, Health and Safety Manager of Constance Hotels and Resorts, explains: “On this International Day for the conservation of the mangrove ecosystem, we wanted to sensitize our employees to the urgency of preserving our biodiversity. They can, in turn, encourage others to adopt good practices to protect the environment and inform them about the essential role played by the mangrove in mitigating the effects of climate change.

Constance Prince Maurice Luxury Indian Ocean
Sensitising via several methods

During this much-welcomed day, Nadeem Nazurally, Senior Lecturer at the University of Mauritius, has also underlined that a closer collaboration between the University of Mauritius and Constance Hotels & Resorts would enable students to research the rich biodiversity surrounding Constance Prince Maurice, including the large mangrove forest and the protected fish sanctuary of the barachois.

Nadeem Nazurally has delved into the situation,

“We have two mangrove species in Mauritius: Bruguiera gymnorrhiza and Rhizophora mucronata, which play an important role against coastal erosion, regulate the quality of coastal waters, reduce the risk of flooding and provide a habitat for endangered marine species, among others. Unfortunately, there are only rare places like this in Mauritius, and all the credit goes to Constance Hotels & Resorts which has a team dedicated to the preservation of the fauna and flora.”

Constance Prince Maurice Luxury Indian Ocean

This day has also been an opportunity to put Lagoon Directory, a coastal directory of Constance Prince Maurice, in the limelight. Created in collaboration with the NGO Reef Conservation in June 2018, it aims at being an educational tool on the rich biodiversity of the East. It surveys the entire ecosystem around the hotel: fish, plants, birds and endemic species, invasive and native. This booklet has been offered to the guests.