COVID-19: Wave of solidarity in Mauritius

As a result of the current crisis that the world is facing, several Mauritian hotel groups–overwhelmed by a wave of solidarity– have decided to grant their establishments to the authorities for the purposes of converting them into quarantine centres. Moreover, several associations across the island, along with the government measures, are making food donations so as to help the most disadvantaged and vulnerable.

The commitment of Hotels

Many establishments responded to the call for national solidarity, in the hope of overcoming this critical situation as quickly as possible. Gilbert Espitalier-Noël, CEO of the Beachcomber group, points out:

We are going through extremely difficult days. The coming weeks and months will be the most complicated ever for our industry since its inception. However, I am convinced that, by remaining united, we will overcome this pandemic.”

Support and help are flooding from many hotel groups, namely :

The Attitude group with Recif Attitude Hotel and Attitude Emeraude Beach Hotel; Sun Resorts with Ambre Hotel; Trimetys with Be Cosy Apart Hotel in Trou aux Biches and Mourouk Ebony in Rodrigues; Beachcomber group with Mauricia Beachcomber Resort & Spa, and Veranda Leisure and Hospitality (VLH) group with its hotels in Grand Bay and Palmar. 

Can also be added to this list: Champ-de-Mars hotel, located next to the racetrack; RivaBella at Pointe aux Sables; Calodyne sur Mer in the North; Asso Villa in Belle Mare; C. Palmar Hotel in the East; Manissa Hotel in Flic en Flac, and Gold Crest Business Hotel in Quatre-Bornes.

To find out more, visit the official website of the government.

The establishments entrusted to the authorities were disinfected beforehand by adequate medical personnel. It is the state health personnel who is operating on-site during this confinement period.

Food distribution

Considering all the issues raised by the confinement so far, there has been impressive initiatives for food distribution in order to meet the needs and demands of Mauritians. While the MCCI (Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry) has set up a network for an easier management of food delivery at home, committed associations, such as FoodWise Mauritius and Caritas Mauritius, have been helping the most vulnerable. Some have even partnered with other establishments: for example, Trou aux Biches Beachcomber Golf Resort and Spa has made a food donation to the Mother Thérésa Community Centre. 

Furthermore, groups and companies are also contributing to help and support the population: Omnicane for instance, by supplying hydro-alcoholic gel; the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) with the reduction in interest rates for loans; Bank One with the opening of an account for the Covid19 Solidarity Fund, or C-Care Mauritius clinic offering free telephonic consultation services. As for telecommunications companies such as MyT and Emtel, they have increased internet speed, and now propose interesting and practical measures at no additional cost.

Some demonstrations of mutual aid and compassion which shall enliven your spirits and brighten your mood!