All about the cultural and natural heritage of Bel Ombre

 A region suffused with a rich past… Bel Ombre is one of the last vestiges of our island’s biodiversity. On the 5th of June on World Environment Day, Rogers Foundation has stressed the importance of preserving this region, safeguarding and enhancing its natural resources. This initiative aims at promoting sustainable development and respect for the environment.

By launching Bel Ombre Pedia–a dedicated online encyclopedia–the foundation aspires to inform and educate the public on this unique territory’s flora and fauna, as well as its cultural and historical heritage.

Luxury Indian Ocean Bel Ombre Pedia
Results of a flourishing initiative

With its section introduction to ecosystems “From ridge to reef, the encyclopedia acquaints us to the terrestrial and marine ecosystems which help to perpetuate a fundamental and vital balance for human populations.

In 2017, under the aegis of  Reef Conservation association and in close collaboration with several scientists, Rogers Foundation launched a study to identify and better understand several plants and animal species of Bel Ombre region as part of the Respect Our Coast program.

While the Reef Conservation organisation is based on the main pillars of awareness, education, training, research and preservation, Rogers Foundation has chosen to promote and share with the general public this pool of knowledge. Hence the creation of the Bel Ombre Pedia.

Luxury Indian Ocean Bel Ombre Pedia Chlorurus sordidus
Chlorurus sordidus
Luxury Indian Ocean Bel Ombre Pedia Chaetodon meyeri-poisson papillon
Chaetodon meyeri-poisson papillon

Belinda Vacher, Chief Projects and Sustainability Executive of Rogers, underlines, “Our project is to make Bel Ombre more sustainable, to preserve this region and its assets for future generations. Preservation also alludes to transmission of knowledge.”

Designed as an ecological encyclopedia, Bel Ombre Pedia shall enable Bel Ombre to look to the future and to mark its commitment to sustainable development.

Luxury Indian Ocean Bel Ombre Pedia Phelsuma ornata
Phelsuma ornata
Luxury Indian Ocean Bel Ombre Pedia Aphloia theiformis
Aphloia theiformis
A guide to our natural treasures

The online platform contains over 400 information sheets on biodiversity from the outskirts of the region, including mountains, rivers, mangroves, lagoons, coasts and reefs. Bel Ombre Pedia describes exhaustively each species and provides details on its habitat, its conservation status on the list of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, accompanied by an interesting fact entitled “Did you know” to better educate readers. We learn, for example, that there were only 10 species of pink pigeons (Pigeon des Mares) back in 1990!

Forty-four other cards trace the region’s history and remind us of the role of illustrious personalities, such as Charles Telfair, who, during his lifetime, helped to make the region a part of history, or even Bernardin de Saint-Pierre who stayed at the Château.

A cultural inventory… Bel Ombre Pédia shall help you explore this magnificent place rich in history and natural heritage.


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