Cyril Lignac whets Mauritian gourmets’ appetite!

The result of this unique partnership between two renowned chefs committed to promoting and preserving their exclusive culinary savoir-faire is bound to be exquisite! William Girard, Executive Chef at the Royal Palm Beachcomber, and Cyril Lignac, internationally renowned chef and pastry chef, have joined their talents to create a novel experience.

For this fusion vision to succeed, a timeless place where sophistication and the art of living are reflected in an elegant way was essential. Head for the Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury, an emblematic establishment which, moreover, is a privileged haven of peace for Heads of State and other celebrities on state visits to the country.

Luxury Indian Ocean Royal Palm Beachcomber Cyril Lignac ISCHIA

Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury creates a unique moment, inviting its guests to (re)discover La Dolce Vita. To this end, La Brezza – Italian Trattoria of the mythical Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury has extended an invitation to Cyril Lignac and his restaurant Ischia for a six-month collaboration starting October 2022.

“We are thrilled about this unique and innovative partnership with Chef Cyril Lignac. His innovation, audacity and immense talent will undoubtedly lead us to create brand new gastronomic experiences for our guests, while preserving the Mediterranean inspiration that drives our restaurant La Brezza”,says Isabelle Bouvier, General Manager of Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury.

Cyril Lignac, known internationally for his talents as a restaurateur-entrepreneur, has opened a number of new restaurants with a unique identity. He has, notably, created La Pâtisserie & La Chocolaterie Cyril Lignac with Pastry Chef Benoît Couvrand, serving seasonal desserts, constantly innovating classics, exquisite breads, nomadic chocolates, and tenderly addictive bears.

Luxury Indian Ocean Royal Palm Beachcomber Cyril Lignac

“I am very excited to be part of this wonderful journey! Through this collaboration, I have at heart to honour the multiculturality of the island by mixing the French and Mauritian terroirs with the Italian notes of my Parisian cuisine Ischia. This invitation to gourmet delights will, I hope, express all the pleasure I had in bringing this project to life,” says Cyril Lignac.