Discover ‘True by Nature’, photographer Paul Choy’s new book

Seeing the world through his camera lens, then transmitting his vision of the authentic settings and faces of Constance Hotels & Resorts… That was the challenge set by the hotel group to photographer and documentary film maker Paul Choy! His book ‘True by Nature’ is the testimony that his work has been up to expectations, and it has been presented on the 30th of January at his art gallery at Domaine de Labourdonnais.

Many pictures, several stories and a book 

Paul Choy’s inspiration comes from the way he sees the world and, this time, he has been asked to express his vision of the human experiences which a stay at the locations of Constance Hotels and Resorts encompasses. He thus tells stories with his pictures and puts in the limelight these experiences in his book. The latter, the fruit of 10 months of hard work, will be available in all the hotels of the group.  

The title is inspired by the hotel group’s motto and reflects the authentic experiences in the Constance hotels in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean. 

«Authenticity is one of the inherent values of Constance Hotels and Resorts. Today, via Paul Choy’s work which I find remarkable, we are giving the readers the chance to feel what is experienced in our hotels and to become acquainted with their location», has declared Jean-Jacques Vallet, CEO of Constance Hotels and Resorts.

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Paul Choy, a photographer and globe-trotter

Born in the United Kingdom from Mauritian and British parents, Paul Choy is first of all an artist who has won his fame from his photos shared and liked by thousands of web users. During the last years, he has travelled through more than 50 countries with his camera and has immortalised natural and magnificent moments of everyday life. Today, his photos and books in limited editions can e found in private libraries around the world.  

«I have to thank the management of Constance Hotels and Resorts who has helped me in the making of this book. I was free to go wherever I wanted and to talk to everyone I wished to, and this has enabled me to capture the authentic emotions and experiences of each destination. It is such a nice feeling in a world which depends so much on rules, some being too strict», has stated the artist. 

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