An ecological collaboration that flows naturally…

In the era we live in, collective eco-awareness is a requisite made possible thanks to the various local actors, who are introducing new eco-responsible initiatives… 

The Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels group, with its 52 environmental and societal commitments and its EarthCheck certification, embraces this notion… Which is why it is announcing its collaboration with Be.eau (pronounced Bio) for the placement of compostable and biodegradable water bottles in its hotels.

… For a greener Mauritius!

Social and environmental responsibility is a long-standing commitment at the Beachcomber group. Indeed, in recent years, many projects have been undertaken to preserve human, natural and social capital. This new initiative will be launched in four hotels in the group, including Victoria Beachcomber Mauricia Beachcomber, Cannoniers Beachcomber and Beachcomber Shandrani Beachcomber. 

 “This year, we are strengthening our commitment through our partnership with BeEau. This initiative to integrate biodegradable water bottles echoes the group’s desire to place sustainable development at the heart of Beachcomber’s actions and allows us to find an adequate solution to replace plastic water bottles in our minibars, among others,” says Géraldine Koenig, Chief Officer Operational Excellence of Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels.

BeEau, a revolutionary concept!

While sustainable development is ingrained in Beachcomber group’s values, it also offers them the opportunity to collaborate with this avant-garde Mauritian start-up. Founded in 2020, Be.eau uses innovative technology to manufacture bottles and flasks, made exclusively from plant waste such as sugar cane bagasse. This revolutionary concept also won the “Best Plant-Based Packaging ” prize at the “ World Plant-Based Awards 2020 ” in New York. 

Anyone can have a positive impact on the environment. Sometimes simple but meaningful actions are sufficient, such as using a simple bottle of water. This small gesture can make all the difference and the Beachcomber teams have understood it well because, throughout our collaboration, we have shared the same vision, the same values, those of reducing plastic to protect the planet. This is what makes this partnership a real success for Beachcomber and its customers as well as for Mauritius!», Says Rahul Ramburn, Director of BeEau Ltd.