85 years, 4 generations, 1 family…. The Oxenhams!

It is said that when we love we don’t count the cost. However, the family tale of the Oxenhams is a love story with lucky numbers. Eighty five years ago, Edward Clark Oxenham’s vision comes through with a first wine production in Port-Louis. This first initiative led to a history that will be shared by four generations of the Oxenham family.

Indeed, it is a family history by blood but also by heart. The Oxenham family gathered together this Wednesday 26th of July 2017 at the fief of their company, which is their so-called ‘home’ in Phoenix, to celebrate the 85th anniversary of their success story, surrounding the patriarch, Clifford Oxenham. It makes a beautiful picture of this family who is additionally celebrating the handing over of the executive management of the company to Brian Oxenham and appointing Patrick Oxenham as the chairman of the Board of Directors. It is a well-deserved retirement for the father who has been at the service of his factory for 65 years, working hand in hand, or as he puts it “shoulder by shoulder”, with his associates.

1932 Eureka, 1989 third generation at Phoenix, 2010 modern era… During this anniversary reception, several events are celebrated… A long distance travelled since 1932, with the first wine production, Eureka, until this rainy evening but a path taken with pride and warmth up to July 2017. Celebrated are the milestones such as, the 3rd generation of the family invested in the localities of Phoenix in 1889, or even when they were awarded the ISO 9001-2008 in 2010, and the modernization of the distillery.

3 key positions, 30 million invested in 10 years, 1 rebranding… Time has changed and technology paid off but 3 key positions of the company remain: the winery, the distillery, and the bottling-distribution. However, despite the new machines, the key element remains the labor force. In addition to the high-tech bottle inspection machine that is 99.9 effective, manual inspection continues for additional safety reasons that only the human eye and experience can achieve. 30 million fueled the different phases of the relooking process at different levels during the past 10 years. The ‘lifting’ also including the modernization of the company image with a new logo.

1 500 references on the isle, 35 brands produced locally, 75% recycled bottles… Le Connoisseur shop brings forward 1500 references. As Brian Oxenham calls it “modest winery”, the generations rewrote the chapters of their family history and the factory. Among the 35 proposed brands are the 2 major and 100% Mauritian brands; Divine (the wine with 3 different flavors: litchi, pineapple, and guava), and Bougainvillier (the only rum made still in Mauritius). These two brands have previously obtained the awareness of the two actors in the wine and spirits industry during an international competition (such as the China Wine & Spits Awards, during the rum festival of Madrid, London and Berlin, and during the World Competition of Brussel in 2016). The future looks also promising in ecological terms with 75% recycling of the bottles sold in Mauritius, a respect for prosperity.

This is E.C Oxenham & Co Ltd gone for a new phase of its history and Luxury Mauritius wishes them even more than the 85 years they achieved with success.