Beachcomber becomes a vine paradise with the French wine Château Paradis

The Beachcomber group has confirmed that the Antique Greek dramatist, Euripides, was totally right when he stated that where there is no wine there is no love. The recent exclusive partnership between the South-eastern based Mauritian hotel Le Paradis and the Southern French vine estate Château Paradis is exactly about this perfect symbiosis. The hotel Le Paradis Beachcomber has thus showed its love for the vine-growing world on the occasion of a cocktail-dinner, held on the 17th of November, through the showcasing of its great find : a Coteau d’Aix-en-Provence. Luxury Mauritius tells you more about this story where shared tastes have a tannic touch, Château Paradis.

Château Paradis Luxury Mauritius Beachcomber 1 Marie-Astrid Thomassin, Sales Manager of Château Paradis

A French Coteau d’Aix-en-Provence on the Mauritian shores

The Château Paradis has brought a pinch of Southern France amidst the convivial atmosphere of one of Le Paradis Beachcomber villas. The Coteau d’Aix-en-Provence variety, a well-known AOC nurtured in the Mediterranean soil, is now the fruit of a Mauritian and French partnership. This love story between Paradis Beachcomber and Château Paradis becomes even more intriguing when we know that it started in a peculiar setting : a gastronomic exhibition in Singapore. As explained by Stéphane Sogliuzzo, Hotel Manager of Le Paradis Beachcomber :

« On discovering the Château Paradis, the hotel delegation has been impressed. This domain’s wines of are crafted with great care from the best grape varieties. Other than being a good wine, the Château Paradis also recalls Le Paradis hotel. We have decided to make it become our « house wine»».


Château Paradis Luxury Mauritius Beachcomber 3 Stephane Sogliuzzo, Hotel Manager of Paradis Beachcomber during his Welcome speech, next to Marie-Astrid Thomassin Sales Manager of Château Paradis and Stephane Lenoir, from Eastern Trading

This partnership reminds us of the group’s involvement in high standard services and innovations focused on gastronomy and tastes, locally as well as internationally. A few months after the launching of the key welcoming throughout the Beachcomber world network, designed by the Mauritian barman Stephan Apollon and named Beautiful, this fresh partnership around a French wine aims at the discovery of traditional products, textures and aromas. A special menu has been devised to accompany the Château Paradis : compressed crabs and mangoes, a mushroom risotto and truffle toasts.

Château Paradis Luxury Mauritius Beachcomber 4 Stephane Sogliuzzo with Jean Christophe Basseau, the Executive Chef at Le Paradis Beachcomber, Eddy Kwan-Tat, Executive Assistant Manager, Fabio Zanforlini, Executive Chef at Dinarobin, and Fabrice Pinault, Hotel Manager of Dinarobin Beachcomber

In the midst of this tribute to savours and knowhow, Marie-Astrid Thomassin, Sales Manager of Chateau Paradis, has also led a few training sessions for around 60 employees of the hotels Paradis Beachcomber and Dinarobin Beachcomber on vines, grape varieties and wine.

The invitation is open to the wine lovers !