L’Avenir, a present choice for your 2017 EOY celebrations at Koté Vins

Koté Vins & Spirits is glad to present the South-African wine L’Avenir for the end of year when we are choosing the perfect drinks which will accompany our festive delicacies. Existing in a trio (Far&Near, Provenance and Single Block), L’Avenir also has in its wake a soul, a personal story, the one of a Mauritian : Marc Wiehe, who has just left us. The vine and Cape region tradition lover has built a fairytale-like world around the wine estate. Luxury Mauritius will tell you everything about this wine which carries a heritage of excellence and common values.

L'Avenir Koté Vins Luxury Mauritius 1

A long road behind before the wine route

Launched in September by Koté Vins & Spirits, L’Avenir has gone through the tasting tests among Mauritians. This prestigious and authentic domain, which “produces a treasure” according to Elodie Lagourgue, Manager of Koté Vins. Moreover, it is one of the first steps of the Cape Wine Route. Its prestige and authentic touch have been acquired through the characters from different nationalities who have set foot on its lands and who have brought enriching chapters to its story.

A long way has been necessary to come to fruition with the present consecration! In 1992, the Mauritian Marc Wiehe purchased the domain and, with the South African cellar master, François Naudé (considered as the Pope of Stellenbosch pinotage), he created L’Avenir and pampers it for 20 years. Under the stewardship of these two visionary minds, each parcel of the domain is catered for in a personalised manner in order to create wines which are consistent with the region, the sunshine periods, grape variety, Nature.

L'Avenir Koté Vins Luxury Mauritius 3

From the consecration of South-African know-how to Mauritius

This laborious work has brought a fruitful result : the takeover of L’Avenir in 2005 by the very demanding Michel Laroche, the famous wine-maker in Chablis, France. The wine will be consecrated as one of the key products of the Cape region when, in 2012, the first barrels from the Marc Wiehe-François Naudé era were sold at the Nederburg Auction. It is one of the five most important wine sales in the world. To crown this accomplishment, the domain chose in 2013 Dirk Coetzee as cellar master of L’Avenir, and perpetuates the winemaking tradition inherited by Naudé. Coetzee is now considered as one of the pioneers of modern pinotage (one of the two iconic grape varieties of the South-African wine industry with chenin blanc).

L'Avenir Koté Vins Dirk Coetzee Luxury Mauritius 2 Dirk Coetzee, the wine maker of L’Avenir

Sold in Mauritius since last September by Koté Vins & Spirits, L’Avenir comprises three ranges: Single Block, a Premium wine; Provenance, an Estate Wine, and Near&Far, an entry level wine. You will therefore be able to adapt your aperitifs and meals accordingly. Nothing will be better than the lightness of a chilled this summer. This wine has won the 1997 Chenin Blanc Challenge in South Africa.


LM 4 single block chenin blanc Luxury Mauritus 4 Single Block Chenin Blanc

L’Avenir is available in Mauritius in department stores, at the Koté Vins shop in Phoenix, at La Corbeille in Grand Baie, at In Vino in Moka, at Big Willys in Tamarin and can be ordered with the company’s salesperson.