Meet your sparkling guest for New Year’s Eve: Deutz champagne by Koté Vins

Amour and William Deutz are two treasures having crossed the centuries from the Champagne region. They have made of Maison Deutz a peace haven devoted to magic, dreams and a festive mood. Amour de Deutz, elaborated from a single grape variety, chardonnay, and William Deutz, created from the alchemy of pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot meunier, are the champagnes which will gracefully accompany your 2017 New Year’s Eve. Discover these new findings from Koté Vins.

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When noble grape varieties become Deutz’s best choice

The family saga has intertwined its roots with the French Medieval village of Aÿ, famous in the Champagne vineyard since the 15th century: Maison Deutz. Guarded by the bronze cherub, an « Amour » carved during the Romantic period, the Maison has hosted five generations which have brought its reputation. Founded by the Prussians William Deutz and Pierre-Hubert Geldernan in 1838, the estate has thus hosted for successive generations German and French roots. In this region where three champenois grape varieties are cultivated, the Maison privileges an exquisite dosage of the three for the vintage Deutz, except for Amour where only chardonnay is used.

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While William Deutz is a stylish aperitif which perfectly fits refined delicacies – caviar, fine and delicate fishes, panned foie gras and even white meat which can be subtly enhanced with exotic flavours –, Amour is sipped with oysters, sushis, salmon or langoustines. As Jean de La Fontaine delicately puts it in his tale, L’Amour et La Folie, which inculcates Love, l’Amour, Champagne and Madness were condemned by the Supreme Court to serve as Love’s guide.

« Le résultat enfin de la Suprême Cour

Fut de condamner la Folie… mais aussi le champagne

À servir de guide à l’Amour. »

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A faithfulness to excellence in an endurable wine-making industry

Other than its tasting qualities, Maison Deutz prones an endurable wine-making industry to preserve home products and biodiversity. The Deutz field master pertinently said 25 years ago: « We have always seen ladybirds in the vines at Deutz». Not less than 125 requirements are implemented on the estate, such as a wise protection of the vineyard. In order to ensure an optimum respect of the environment, some parcels are grassy and are mechanically worked. Two environmental certifications in 2015 and a third in 2017 have consecrated the hard work done. Regarding peer recognition in the wine-making industry, the estate has been awarded this yera the Korea Wine Challenge, the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World, the International Wine Challenge, and the Decanter World Wine Awards.

Moreover, William Deutz 2006 has been selected to be served in First Class on Japan Airlines from December 2017 to February 2018.

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William Deutz 2006

Bubbles and champagne lovers, Maison Deutz is on sale at Koté Vins and is the guarantee of wonderful EOY parties.