The 2007 vintage New Grove rum ready for an international trip

What is the message in the bottle ? Grays has launched its new rum, the New Grove Single Cask, and the message is clear: the fresh product of Mauritian know-how will is ready for a long trip, with a first stopover in Europe. The 2007 vintage rum was elected, following a selection Confrérie de Rhum, as the next product to undergo a distribution through its network in Europe.  This recognition has been commented by Didier Noël, Export Manager at Grays, for whom it is «the culmination and a praiseworthy opportunity». Luxury Mauritius invites you to enjoy an adventure in the world of spirits connoisseurs!


Grays Rhum New Grove Luxury Mauritius 1 Benoît Bail, the founder and administrator of the Confrérie du Rhum

A trip strated upstream

Before taking to the exclusive world of experts, the New Grove rum has gone through a long process. It is the fruit of a pre-screening made from 12 different barrels and comes from a 400-litre French oak barrel. This jewel of the Mauritian craftsmanship has, then, been the object of a tasting process and was shortlisted bt the members of the Confrérie on Friday the 29th of September at Grays. On this occasion, the New Grove rum has delighted the palates of the spirits experts. Benoit Bail and Jerry Gitany, the administrators of the Confrérie du Rhum, who are also the managers of the Rum Embassy and the ambassadors of the Agricole Tour, confided that,

« The Single Cask New Grove 144 of 2007 has been our favourite. Our experts will from now on make this unique traditional rum to other members of the Confrérie in the world».

The Confrérie du Rhum, which is constituted by a approximately 30 000 rum lovers, has thus conferred the honour to be one of its favourites to the New Grove Single Cask, millésime 2007. Elected among the highest references brands of the network, this traditional Mauritian rum will be distributed and exposed in the shop windows of 15 of the best European cellar masters as from 2018, in such countries as in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Andorra, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. The 400 bottles of vintage local rum will end their European journey with a prestigious port call at the Paris Rum Festival in April 2018.

Grays Rhum New Grove Luxury Mauritius 2 The Confrérie du Rhum members on their visit to Mauritius

Benoit Bail has underlined the Mauritian know-how by explaining that, after having visited rum distilleries in Mauritius and in Reunion Island to discover exclusive spirits, the Confrérie members have praised the development undergone by Mauritian distilleries during the preceding years. 

«Mauritius is an ongoing renown rum destination just like the Caribbeans, Martinique, Guadeloupe or Jamaica. The only cloud on the horizon is the confusion between «rum», corresponding to international production norms, and the  «local rum , a specific category in Mauritius coming from its manufacturing process.»

Grays has also wished to share this Mauritian consecration with the foreign public by launching a Facebook contest for the members of the Confrérie du Rhum. Ronan Hamon has been the lucky winner of a trip to Mauritius and he has joined Jerry Gitany and Benoit Bail to select the best cuvée. He has expressed his satisfaction on the fact that, as a member of the confrérie, he has been able to refine his knowledge in this field during his trip to Mauritius. 

Luxury Mauritius wish good winds to the newly consecrated Mauritian product before it sets sails for its European adventures!