The divine nectar shines at LUX* Grand Gaube’s Tastevin

The recently re-opened hotel’s first event of the year had something of a rich bouquet, a robe of expertise, and a few intoxicating notes. You guessed it, two sensory nights revolving around wine tasting were hosted to the delight of the palates attending the event.

We suggested it in our 7 wonderful reasons to go LUX* in Grand Gaube, and now it’s confirmed: Le Tastevin is the cellar to be. LUX* Grand Gaube’ s main wine cellar hosted, for two evenings, cellar master NICOLAS, as well as South African group Neil Ellis Wines Pty Ltd’s Margot Ellis. The proud representatives of French and Stellenbosch wines even met to share their passion for wine.

Lux Grand Gaube Entrance Luxury Mauritius

As a part of this exceptional encounter, expert Margot Ellis had the opportunity to present to the attending wine lovers seven vintage wines of different grape varieties from the domain. Indeed, Neil Ellis wines owns a vineyard in the coveted region of Stellenbosch, allowing them to offer exceptional wines.

For those who could not attend this event, bear in mind that Le Tastevin permanently has an in-house expert sommelier who will give you precious advice during your trip to this wonderous cellar.